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Happy in Portugal?

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Happy in Portugal?

Post by tigger on 25.01.12 13:17

I found this on photographs and memories, I've also seen other photographs of this 'photo opportunity' .
When exactly was this visit to a zoo?

I'm just posting this because imo the whole idea was that they'd stay in Portugal.

Gerry told a journalist (see forensic linguistics) that the kids wouldn't start school for another 3 years.
They said in the beginning they were going to learn Portuguese (English seems more of a priority to me)
The Algarve is a favourite with ex pats.
They were insistent (until they were made arguidos) that they would stay in Portugal until Maddie was found.
Gerry had been there before, so knew the place, as did Payne.
I'm still not convinced they hadn't been there in 2006.
They were broke - mortgage had to be paid from fund.
The Cat 19309 registration.
The credit cards that were lost and found. (no credit or financial statements have ever been given to the PJ?)
I also think they did know people there.

Imo they wanted to get away from some situation in the UK which - looking at available information - seems to have been building up over some time.

But - since the taboo on them smiling in public is fairly recent - how come they have so many happy snaps so soon after 3/5? They certainly look very happy in Portugal. These must have been taken when they were riding high and everything was going their way.

Those pesky dogs! Spoiled everything.

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zoo trip

Post by russiandoll on 25.01.12 14:10

Is this it? highlights in bold are mine to show press reporting at the time and an error.....he was and is a consultant physician I believe ?

Sunday Mirror

Zoo trip eases McCann distress

Jun 17, 2007 | by JON CLARKE

GERRY McCann spent a family day out at the zoo yesterday - but said Father's Day without snatched Madeleine would be hell.

The heart surgeon, whose four-year-old daughter
was grabbed 45 days ago, said: "Even though we are here in Portugal, I
know it's Father's Day because some friends are doing a 10k run for me
in Glasgow to mark it. I can't think about anything other than how we can help try and get Madeleine back."

Mr McCann and his wife Kate took two-year-old twins Amelie and Sean to Lagos Zoo on the Algarve.

The couple said they would take time out to remember last year's happier Father's Day.

Last week saw police search for a body nine miles from Praia da Luz, where Madeleine disappeared.

McCann said: "The thought of a search with Madeleine coming out dead
was extremely upsetting. It was a relief when nothing was found."

He told of their horror at discovering that border crossings were not put on alert in the hours after Madeleine disappeared.

early on, we considered that she could have been moved," he said. "It
is not far to Spain, not far to ports. Then we found out about the
12-hour delay in alerting borders. We were disappointed."

Mr McCann hears from British police up to five times a day but gets just one call a week from Portuguese police.

He said he and his wife had remained close.

said: "I could see how this could tear people apart but that hasn't
happened to us. We have always been close and have astrong

But he said they were going to see a child psychologist "to know how to answer the twins' questions about their sister".

stupid the hell could a trip to the zoo ease the distress you would be feeling if you believed your beloved child had been grabbed and snatched


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Re: Happy in Portugal?

Post by tigger on 25.01.12 18:24

17th June, a number of dates in June are significant imo.
Were they so happy because permanent burial had finally taken place? See Sagres, family get together on Forensic Ling.
They certainly look almost free and easy, relieved?

Besides, as it says in the link , the twins didn't have much to do with her. If you read that piece by AnnaEsse, it's clear that Maddie was no longer wanted once the twins had arrived. She was sent off to the family for Christmas. By herself.

Gerry is a consultant, not a surgeon, he's never rushed to correct this. Neither imo is Kate a anaesthetist - she may have had some instruction, but .. can you see those two hovering over you with heart surgery?

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Re: Happy in Portugal?

Post by kimHager on 07.02.14 7:06

isnt this around the same time they got the renault? i agree by this time they could have sent maddy's body back to UK ...yes with no body no death..unless you ask the dogs :-)


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