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The Praia Da Luz Setup

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The Praia Da Luz Setup

Post by jd on 21.01.12 23:49

Comment number 7 is very interesting indeed. Ive put this up for analyse especially for those who are good at companies etc. and already have knowledge of company connections in this case, it might trigger something. I am working on Robert Brown/mccanns/penningtons...could the reason Gordy got so involved was to cover up his brother being in PDL?

T7 Rachael Oldfield who works at Private Equityfd

Facts–GM stated he was not on holiday to have fun.
GM sits on the Bristish Neuclear Board as medical adviser.
GM is a hart specialst on NHS and alledged to have private patients.
KM twinns God Father is an IT Guru and channel4 documentry maker,Jon Corner was also Government Media Control expert for Tony Blairs Media Control setup.
RO and JT of Tapas nine both work for Private Equityfd a headhunting firm for top directors, Private Equityfd is linked to conglomerate Broomco.
One Alan Millburn ex-labour minister sits on board of Private Equityfd, set up by one Louis Hunt with funds from AXA.
Milburn is also linked with Cayman Island setup.

MO of tapas fame was mentioned to have links to a property company.
The Titles, Miller and OLDFIELD are way back linked to a conglomaerate titled BROOMCO, This is a massive conglomerate set up by Irish millionare Tom Hunter, Royal Bank of Scotland and the Ruben Brothers.
This conglomerate is also linked back to one (Zadik Bino) also there are are link offshoot companies such as, Webcam, Jaz, Nametags and several of accounts/tax offshoot companies, some now defunct.
There is even a, Alistair Cambell Wembly, and UK DATA run by a Alistair Cambell and Kevin Keenan company based in Ireland with off shoot in Spain.
All these links under the Bino/Broomco conglomerate.
They were discovered while searching for Madeleine through the name Binos as maybe the name (Gabino)Murats property company.
Murats girlfriend works for Remax there is a Remax in Austraila owned by Greg Braithwaite.
Name Braithwaite is also linked to Sunseeker boats owner based in Murats mothers home turf near Devon.
Murat set up property companies (Gabino)and Romigen) these maybe linked to the above.
Robert Murat stated–He was victim of the biggest—– on the planet when he was fingered for Madeleines alleged abduction.

GM stated he was not on holiday to enjoy himself.
KM telephoned her friend Amanda day before madeliene disappeared
One Amanda Hart, channel4 psychic who has also had her child snatched by her ex husband, sets up Amber Connections web site days before Madeleine disapeared.
Amanda Hart has appeared in psychic competition on channel4 along with winner, Welsh psychic Diane Lazarus.
Diane Lazarus hails from Swansea, her husband is criminal lawyer with police contacts.
KM recieved a phone call from a Swansea number, said to be a miss call on morning of the 2nd May 2007.
Someone in close proximity other then the Mccann clan had further telephone contacts with this Swansea number.
One Thomas Slottos is a German IT lecturer in a German collage, he and his wife spends time as a guest in Ralph Eveliegh’s guest house in spring 2007.
One other person working in the same collage as Thomas Slottos, is one Christine Meyer.
A French woman called Meyer also had her two boys snatched by her German ex-husband, she is now marrid to ex-British Embassador for USA, where Amber Alert and Pact were set up, one of these two child alert programes have as head honcho a woman called Meyer, also on board labour wives Cherry Blair, Glynis Kinock.

A (jaz) band singer with shoulder lenght blond hair is photographed in the old fort preforming with her band.
This singer is also pictured in Ralph Evelieghts B&B villa with him behind the bar at SalSalito Villa.
The old fort is on the route the Smiths thought they saw GM carrying Madeleine, did anyone search the OLD FORT or the private beach below it?

Who pulled the strings?...THE SYMINGTONS..And the Scottish connections...Look no further if you dare

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Re: The Praia Da Luz Setup

Post by jd on 22.01.12 2:45

This is very interesting too and well worth the long read....Swansea connections? Diana Lazarus is definitely set up in Swansea if you look at her site

A few extracts from the link above:

Last May it was reported in the UK Press Gazette that the McCanns, their friends and their family had invited the 'alleged psychics' Diane Lazarus (of Cardiff Swansea) and Amanda Hart across to Portugal to see if they could discover what happened to Madeleine (Amanda is an ex-resident of Portugal and Spain).
What's interesting is that Amanda Hart registered a website domain for her new company on April 28 2007 called Amber Connections Ltd.
Hart registered the actual company name on April 26th 2007 with the UK's 'Companies House'.
This 'psychic detective' company was to specialise in Missing Persons and Miscarriages of Justice. It was to behave in principle rather like the 'psychic wing' of Gerry's Amber Alert Sysyem.

Amanda Hart registered this domain 5 days before Madeleine went missing. It's alleged both she and Diane Lazarus were then invited across to Portugal by friends of the McCanns.
Amanda Hart alleges she too had a child taken away from her at a very early age:
see her Madeleine - Psychic Tracker diary …” Considering my daughter was taken just before her birthday, was nick-named Maddy after the character in the programme ‘Moonlighting’, had blonde hair (which was why she took on this nickname) and was now living on this island, I paid attention. I was then reminded that I was told she would come back into my life when she was
16/17 years of age. She is 16 now. This was clarifying what I was originally shown of her being returned"

Now this is very interesting "Members of the McCanns family asked her would she go and see if she could help find Madeleine ....Amanda is a physic and flew out with two other people ....What I find very strange is that Amanda only had set up a new company with another physic called Ben Murphy" this the same Ben murphy that was Smethursts Facebook friend?

It was set up on April28th 2007 the day the McC,s and group flew to Portugal ....Madeleine goes missing on May 3rd .....10th of May Gerry and Gary Titley starts talking about AMBER ALERT ....The name of Amanda Harts company that she set up in April 28th 2007 is called ..AMBER CONNECTIONS
Here's something interesting. Amanda Hart did have the name Amber Connections knocking around prior to 2007 like you said. The difference is - prior to May 2007 it had just been a 'spiritual development' service: it was only in April 2007 that it became a fully fledged 'missing persons', 'psychic detective' ghostbusters thingy.She issued a press release for it on her other website: look at the date:
Amber Connections
3rd May 2005 this a typo error?
After 3 years of study and travel, establishing contacts and credibility, Amanda Hart, is ready to launch her new business, Amber Connections. Dedicated to Spiritual Development and the pursuit of truth, Amanda is a channel and receives the highest guidance for balance of mind, body and spirit to activate life path enhancement and our own healing abilities. Her abilities and skills together with her high energy levels give her the uniqueness, which have gained her the credibility she has earned through this industry.....

Great topic MMF!!!!

Who pulled the strings?...THE SYMINGTONS..And the Scottish connections...Look no further if you dare

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Re: The Praia Da Luz Setup

Post by tigger on 22.01.12 7:09


This Swansea connection is vvvv interesting.
So we have:
this woman who 'had a child called Maddie taken away from her' - Proof please? She should be interviewed about this - my feeling is that it's been on the back burner for so long because she now doesn't want the publicity, why not? I don't believe it for a start. Vague statement.

Ben Murphy, also psychic. Poss. friend of Smethurst.

Not least The Swansea telephone number on the night of the 3rd.

South Wales Argus would be a good place to start for the alleged 'disappearance' of her own daughter and to see if she got any publicity for her so
curiously named business.

The YouTube reference below, a blond woman and man made a film about Maddie not long afterwards, stood by the beach and said things like: ' He was here, he was watching her.' On reflection, more or less acting out the script given by TM.
I did find this, but this seems an American woman. I thougt it was British, but I've checked Wiki on the 'Haunting Evidence' team, US. Never solved a single case. No surprises there then.

Having you own tame psychic is jolly useful though, headlines whenever you want.

Lasciate ogni speranza, voi ch'entrate.

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