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Murat & Malinka's holiday website Mm11

Murat & Malinka's holiday website Regist10

Murat & Malinka's holiday website

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Murat & Malinka's holiday website Empty Murat & Malinka's holiday website

Post by Guest on 13.01.12 15:06

Are any of you any good at recovering old files from websites? This is a very important request to assist Tony. The poster called Stewie stumbled upon some of the old web information, but not the original advert Malinka was using around 2006/2007. I'm not sure how trustworty Stewie is, she seems to be OK and at one point I thought she might be from SY sniffing around. But just in case, we need to find this info before she does and it disappears. A few of us distinctly remember it saying 'good for boys and girls'. Not good facilities for children. So if this is hidden the files somewhere, we need to get to it before someone else does. It will be a very important find where Murat/Malinka's involvement is concerned. The trouble is I have no idea what I'm doing with this sort of thing and I'm hoping one of you do, or perhaps you know someone techie who will. This would be a great welcome home present for Tony, if you could find it recorded and dated somewhere. Anyway, this is a selection of Stewie's posts from the Burgau thread, with the links she used.
There's also an interview with Mr Jacinto, who was a partner with Robert Murat's father where he mentions property in Burgau:
On the matter in hand he said:
The deponent was the business partner of John Henry Queriol Murat, from memory
in the period between 1972 and 1977 or 1976, in the partnership Jacinto & Murat,
it being that they knew each other form 1967, the time when John Murat, still
single acquired a house in Burgau which John later sold.
- Equally he recalls John having another business partnership with himself and
another Englishman, called Burgau Investimentos Turisticos Lda., in which John
also sold his share a short time after the business was formed.

Also, he was questioned by the PJ about the rental apartment that is advertised on the Jacinto e Murat website, Quinta da Falfeira. Interesting that he was questioned specifically about these apartments - maybe the PJ saw the website? :

- Regarding the Quinta da Falfeira, this property was his and his ex-wife's,
currently his grand-daughter's, used by her son.
- Equally next to this property the deponent owns a house called "Casa de Avis".
- He clarifies that Robert Murat never had access to those properties and even
less to the key of any part of them, being very certain that he (RM) never
frequented Quinta da Falfeira.

A few other things I noticed:

-The boys keyword was added between between 1 dec 1998 (not listed in archive) and 18 Jan 2002 (appears in archive)

- From 19 June 2000 to 23 Dec 2004 there is a hotel praia de burgau listed. The keywords are as would expect, but the description has some interesting comments. These don't display on the page, or not that I can see. It may be that it was just a bored web developer messing around..

TITLE Hotel Praia de Burgau TITLE

meta http-equiv="content-type" content="text/html"
meta name="Keywords" content="Portugal, Hotels, Português, Portuguesa, Portugués, Portuguese, Portugaise, Guide, Guía, Travel, Viajes, Journées, Hôtels, Hoteles, Tourist, Touriste, Turístico, Turistica, Tourism, Turista, Tourismo, Tourisme, Turismo, Pousadas, Posadas, Inns, Estalagem, Estalagens, Estalajes, Albergarias, Auberges, Pensão, Pensões, Pensions, Hostales, Boarding Houses, Alojamento, Accommodation, Logement, Lodging, Rooms, Chambres, Zimmer, Habitaciones, Motels, Motéis, Moteles, Apartamentos, Apartments, Apartements, Apartamientos, Aldeamentos, Villages, Villas, Resorts, Aparthotels, Aparthotéis, Aparthoteles, Apartotéis, Apartoteles, Campismo, Camping, Caravanismo, Caravaning, Juventude, Youth Hostels, Juventud, Jeunesse, b&b, Espaço Rural, Agroturismo, Agro-turismo, Agritourism, TER, Habitação, Guest, Private"

meta name="description" content="Complete guide (1500+ properties) to Portugal hotels and other lodging. Secure discounted online reservations (instant confirmation thru one of the largest international services). Prices and e-mail addresses (where available). Growing section of travel tips and advice. Children safe. No sex, no nude pictures of Pamela Anderson, no free xxx photos of Lara Croft!"

Hi Moa, I can see the same info as I posted yesterday.. I am going to the web archive tool, paste in the url:
then scroll through the days.. The view source keywords are the same for me.

Some of the pages have slightly different keywords so maybe you are looking at a different page to yesterday?

Think we are looking at slightlly different pages. Your link is going to a page link, mine is going to the main landing page and the keywords are slightly different between the two pages

Yes on the web archive tool you can see the pages that were archived - I think it saves the whole website so it is pretty much like a normal website and you can navigate through it. I can see if I can save a screenshot and post it on here if there's something in particular you want to see..


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