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Solution of the Maddie Case is in the Process Mm11

Solution of the Maddie Case is in the Process Regist10

Solution of the Maddie Case is in the Process

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Solution of the Maddie Case is in the Process Empty Solution of the Maddie Case is in the Process

Post by rainbow-fairy on 03.01.12 9:25

“Solution of the Maddie Case is in the Process”

3 questions to...Gonçalo Amaral former Judiciary Police coordinator of investigations

Do you feel somewhat frustrated because the Madeleine case wasn't concluded?
Not exactly, in the Madeleine McCann case there was always plenty evidence and those are in the process. The solution to the Maddie case is in the process. I never had any doubts whatsoever of what took place that day of May 3, 2007. I didn't have doubts nor did the British police, the parents of the child were the ones who had doubts. There are more ideas of what happened in this process than in Rui Pedro's case.

How to prove the Judiciary Police thesis?
If a reconstruction of the events of that day had been enacted that would be enough. However Kate and Gerry McCann refused to participate. It's a shame.

Did you have many unsolved cases in the 30 years working for the Judiciary Police?
A few, not many. But I've spent most of my time working in drug trafficking cases. In the Azores, I got two unsolved homicide cases, but they were old cases of the 80's

.in: Diário de Notícias, January 2, 2012 - page 18, paper edition

"Ask the dogs, Sandra" - Gerry McCann to Sandra FelgueirasSolution of the Maddie Case is in the Process 670379

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Solution of the Maddie Case is in the Process Empty Re: Solution of the Maddie Case is in the Process

Post by tigger on 03.01.12 13:12

SUNDAY, 15 MAY 2011

A footnote, provided by Kate McCann
On July 7 2008 Mrs Justice Hogg gave judgement in the Family Division of the High Court regarding the attempt by Kate & Gerry McCann to gain access to all the Leicester Police documents regarding the disappearance of Madeleine McCann.

The judgement was by agreement between the parties and was made in open court.

M/S Kate McCann in her book Madeleine has now provided an except from the official submission of Leicester Police to the court regarding the matter and outlining the reasons why they could not agree to provide the documents. Signed by the assistant chief constable of Leicestershire it runs:

“While one or both of them may be innocent, there is no clear evidence that eliminates them from involvement in Madeleine’s disappearance.”

Posted by john blacksmith at 20:25

I'd have to go through the book to find this, but does anyone know if this is in the book, verbatim?

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