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So who was it who did the leaking?

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So who was it who did the leaking?

Post by Guest on 22.12.11 19:25

Just to get the balance right.

The message is clear, if you believe the pro's and some of the things that have been alluded to in the Leveson inquiry, that the PJ were leaking information to a Portuguese journalist. Like a sieve were Levesons words.

But have they forgotten this little gem, about the leaks from inside the actual police station when KM was being questioned, and then Philomena stating on TV that Kate had been offered a deal, which was all over the papers next day!!

From the Panorama transcript............................

BILTON: Kate McCann is at the station for 13 hours, but from inside she and Trish text out updates. Even at this point the message is being controlled.

McGUINNESS: We were a bit naughty because we did have messages coming out of the police station which we weren't supposed to...

BILTON: How did that work.. what, the text messages?


BILTON: And were the texts saying? Talk us through.

McGUINNESS: Sort of updates from things that were happening.

[Video: public statement to press]
I'd like to read a statement on Kate's arrival at the police station....

Knowing everybody had copy to write, had the 10 o'clock news like you did, or whatever, various different deadlines that they had. I felt that it was important just to manage people's expectations.

BILTON: She finally gets out at 1 o'clock in the morning. A lawyer tells family and friends what has been put to her by the police.

[Video: lawyer's public statement]
Kate has been listened to as a witness. The investigation will continue. Like everybody knows, because of the system of justice we can't say anymore.

McGUINNESS: I mean there was an allegation put to Kate that she'd been involved in harming her daughter, I mean a dreadful allegation to be put to any mother.

BILTON: At 3 in the morning after Kate McCann has returned to her villa, her lawyer arrives with what seems to be a deal. Plead guilty to manslaughter and escape with only 2 years in gaol. As he explains the offer, Philomena McCann is on the phone to her sister Trish.

And certain people are saying the PJ leaked information - yeah there goes that flying pig!!!!!!!!

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Re: So who was it who did the leaking?

Post by Smokeandmirrors on 22.12.11 21:04

I think this supposed deal was a cover in case she was charged with something. If it was her lawyer in Portugal who came to her and passed on the deal, they had a responsibility to first check the legality of any such deal before putting it to the client. The fact that the Mc's apparently gave family members the permission to repeat this allegation against the police into the public domain was a dangerous move unless they could prove it, which, if they couldn't was slander and also breached the undertaking to remain silent once made suspect/person of interest. They are very lucky the police didn't take that matter further. Or perhaps the making of arguido was to stop comments being made? IIRC their family had a fair bit to say at the beginning, all of them tried to get their moment. Not helpful especially the false stories about the shutters etc. Also very free with their criticisms of the police which wouldn't have gone down well, Philomena spread out across a sofa talking on TV is a vivid memory from the early days.

The truth will out.

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Re: So who was it who did the leaking?

Post by Guest on 23.12.11 9:13

Excellent Candyfloss

So there we have it straight from the horses mouth.

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Re: So who was it who did the leaking?

Post by Guest on 23.12.11 11:00

Thank you Stella. I think Mr Leveson should get some facts - how can he say the PJ were leaking like a sieve, when we have these words direct from Justine that they were giving out info from inside the police station whilst questioning was going on!!!

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Re: So who was it who did the leaking?

Post by Get'emGonçalo on 23.12.11 11:05

But, to be fair, Justine did admit they were being a bit naughty Rolling Eyes


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