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Ex police officer among the dead in Melton Mowbray

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Re: Ex police officer among the dead in Melton Mowbray

Post by Guest on 09.12.11 10:41

Thanks Marian

Dismissed Leicestershire Police inspector kills wife and child

By Leicester Mercury | Friday, December 09, 2011, 07:36

.An inspector sacked by Leicestershire Police is believed to have killed his wife and his youngest daughter before killing himself yesterday afternoon.

The couple’s two other children are in a critical condition in hospital suffering from what are believed to be stab wounds.

Toby Day was dismissed from the force at the end of last week following a disciplinary hearing. It is understood he had been on suspension for several weeks.

Armed police were called to Robin Crescent in Melton Mowbray, where Mr Day lived, after his 15-year-old daughter was found with injuries elsewhere in the town.

Police sources confirmed Mr Day, his youngest daughter and wife died in the incident.

His eldest daughter and his son were taken to the Queen’s Medical Centre in Nottingham with stab wounds. Their condition was last night described as “critical”.

A police spokesman said: “Police received a report at about 4.23pm that a 15-year-old girl had been injured in the Melton area. The victim was taken to hospital.

“During the initial investigation police attended an address in Melton and forced entry to the house and discovered two children and two adults with injuries. A man, a woman and a child from the address have since died.

“Two children are being treated at the Queen’s Medical Centre in Nottingham for serious injuries.

“We are in the initial stages of the investigation, but at this stage we are not looking for anyone else in connection with the incident.

“The house has been cordoned off to allow for a forensic examination.

“Post-mortem examinations are due to take place at a later stage.”

Clive Danton, a Neighbourhood Watch co-ordinator for the area, described “frightening” scenes of armed police and ambulances.

He said: “I saw the first armed response vehicle arrive some time after 5pm and then another shortly after.

“I heard an officer shouting ‘hold back’ to them.

“Next were two ambulances. I watched them take a stretcher into a house on Robin Crescent and as it was brought out I could hear screaming. There were also one or two dog units.

“Most of them left at about 6.45pm and by 9pm there were only scene of crime officers left, although people in Robin Crescent were being asked to stay in their homes.

“The police wouldn’t tell me anything, but it’s obviously a very serious incident. It’s frightening.

Inspector Day, who worked at police headquarters in Enderby, was previously in charge at Beaumont Leys police station. Earlier in his career he had been stationed in the Highfields and Hamilton areas of Leicester and Oakham. He had also worked in the force’s community unit.

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Inspector Toby Day - one year ago

Post by Tony Bennett on 09.12.11 10:58

Inspector Toby Day - one year ago.

Before it's whooshed:
Tony Bennett

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Re: Ex police officer among the dead in Melton Mowbray

Post by Daisy on 09.12.11 12:13

@Tony Bennett wrote:Inspector Toby Day - one year ago.

Before it's whooshed:

Too late. You don't have the blog saved by any chance Tony?

"No updates Sorry, there are no updates for December 2010 at this time. Please use the links on the right hand side to view previous updates."

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Re: Ex police officer among the dead in Melton Mowbray

Post by Guest on 09.12.11 12:16

@Tony Bennett wrote:Inspector Toby Day - one year ago.

Before it's whooshed:

Already wooshed....

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Re: Ex police officer among the dead in Melton Mowbray

Post by Marian on 09.12.11 12:25

This is the only mention of his name that I can find.

Those poor children to be caught up in this tragedy.

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A whooshed Leicester Police website page

Post by Tony Bennett on 09.12.11 12:47

@Daisy wrote:
@Tony Bennett wrote:Inspector Toby Day - one year ago.

Before it's whooshed:

Too late. You don't have the blog saved by any chance Tony?

"No updates Sorry, there are no updates for December 2010 at this time. Please use the links on the right hand side to view previous updates."

It was there at 10.58am, but must have been 'whooshed' soon afterwards (the message above is a new one), and I didn't save it. I simply googled: 'toby''day''Leicester''Police'.

He was described as an Inspector for 'community and neighbourhood policing' in the Beaumont Leys area of Leicester. There were two pages of community initiatives - crime prevention and home security campaigns, neighbourhood watch liaison, 'report anything suspcious', news that crime was going down in the area (it always is!), that sort of thing.



The Sun is now carrying this story. It is difficult for me to understand how allegations against him, sufficient to justify him being sacked from the police, could be just 'a very private matter'. Clearly from the reprot below he has done some good and brave things - but is also so evil that he has killed two people and left his two surviving children with huge problems:

A SACKED cop has stabbed his wife and youngest child to death before taking his own life.

Former police inspector Toby Day, 37, was found with knife wounds at the family home yesterday alongside Samantha, 38, and their seven-year-old daughter Genevieve.

The couple's two other children miraculously escaped with their lives.

Eldest daughter Kimberly, 15, is said to have been knifed as she fled, while brother Adam, 13, also suffered serious injuries.

Kim – who had been due to perform in a local panto last night – is believed to have raised the alarm at nearby Swallowdale Primary School in Melton Mowbray, Leics, soon after 4pm.

Armed cops sped to the house on a quiet street where they found Day, his nursery-nurse wife and daughter dying.

The entire family were rushed to hospital. The surviving children suffered serious injuries but were today in a stable condition at the Queen's Medical Centre in Nottingham.

A source said: "The 15-year-old was stabbed but she managed to stagger to the school.


"When she stumbled in there was an afternoon club full of mums and toddlers. It was absolutely terrifying for them."

Day had recently lost his job with Leicestershire Constabulary.

Sacked ... ex-cop Toby Day
Caters News Agency

He was dismissed after a disciplinary hearing on November 30 according to sources who described the allegations against him as a "very private matter".

Ivan Stafford, chairman of the Leicestershire Police Federation, spoke of his shock at the case as he described Day as "a very capable and respected inspector".

He said: "It's absolutely tragic what has happened. It's been a real shock to the country and to Melton.

"It has had a huge impact on the force and it is important we have time to get to grips with what's happened.

"We are more concerned for the two remaining children. Our thoughts are with the family."

Day had won awards for his bravery.

In 2001 he twice confronted thieves he thought were acting suspiciously and held them until back up arrived.

In one of those incidents he was stabbed with a screw driver and in the other he detained a crook high on drugs in front of daughter Kim.

Neighbour Kevin French, 52, said: "Toby would do anything for you, did a lot of work for charity and ran marathons."

He ran the London Marathon in memory of a colleague stabbed to death by her boyfriend.
Tony Bennett

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Re: Ex police officer among the dead in Melton Mowbray

Post by Cheshire Cat on 09.12.11 13:12

Published on Thursday 3 February 2005 10:47

FOUR policemen who fought flames to rescue a child from a burning house have been rewarded for their bravery.

The Syston officers each won a Chief Constable's commendation for saving the eight-year-old boy, beating firefighters to the blaze.

Sergeant Trevor Adams, who lives in Melton, and Pcs Chris Pritchard, Jim Sharp and Jamie Hughes smashed their way into the building and found a woman, very disorientated, who said she was alone in the house.

Deciding to check, the team braved thick, acrid smoke to search each room – until they found a child asleep in bed.

Both the woman and child were taken to hospital, treated for smoke inhalation, and released next day.

Sergeant Toby Day, who lives in Melton, was awarded a commendation at Monday's ceremony for helping rescue an abducted child.

Sgt Day and colleague Chief Inspector Paul Smith, also commended, spent four years engineering the return of Cihan Chapman-Serce after he was snatched by his Turkish father.

"It's nice to be recognised, but that's not what the job was done for," said Sgt Day.

"When Cihan came home he was resentful of England, and his English family, because of all the propaganda his father had fed him.

"Now he's settling into school, interacting well with his mother – he's making great progress. There's no better reward than that."

Cihan's mother Belinda Chapman, of Syston, was at force headquarters to see Sgt Day and Chief Insp Smith receive their awards.

Wigston-based Pc Trevor Dickinson, who lives in Melton, was recognised for his part in Operation Ore – a national investigation into internet paedophilia.

Chief Constable Matt Baggott said: "This work was both demanding and distressing as they were exposed to some very upsetting images.

"But their professionalism and dedication has paid off as many dangerous people have been brought before the courts and imprisoned."

A covert operation to catch drug dealers won Melton Chief Inspector Mick Grant, now retired, a gong. Scarab, as the project was dubbed, led to 48 arrests.

Pc Phillip Lilley, who works in Syston, was declared Investigator of the Year 2004. He was given the Tim Burton Trophy for producing consistently comprehensive court files.

One of his Syston colleagues, Detective Constable Narinder Soand, was commended for outstanding investigation into a series of armed robberies.

Melton woman Margaret Roskell, a civilian administrator based at Hamilton police station, was given a long service certificate after more than 22 years in the job.

The ceremony took place in Narborough on Monday afternoon.

Cheshire Cat
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Re: Ex police officer among the dead in Melton Mowbray

Post by uppatoffee on 09.12.11 13:29

A terrible incident. I feel very sorry for the two surviving children who will have to live with the memory of what happened for the rest of their lives.

One thing that struck me from the website
"Mr Day was dismissed from the Force last Thursday (December 1) following a misconduct hearing for misuse of police systems and matters concerning honesty and integrity." Leicestershire Police corrupt? Who'd have thought it?

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