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if a picture tells...

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solved if a picture tells...

Post by troy on 26.11.11 16:55

I think the mccanns look terrified about the Stevenson enquiry. Their faces tell it. Also the last picture of them by the pool. Doesn't amelies look distraught as if - where is Madeleine? Only an opinion of course. I have another - what about Jon corners face at huelva bus station when Kate Mcann is giving out leaflets to that woman in red and black - wasn't she just getting in a bit close to smell her. His face again smells of fear.


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solved Re: if a picture tells...

Post by HotlipsHealy on 26.11.11 17:14

I don't think they looked terrified. I don't think they would keep appearing in public if they were terrified. If they're bothered about anything it will be people like TB, Pat Brown, Amaral taking notes for when they have to go to court. They must know that every single word of theirs is analysed and picked to bits to sort the lies and discrepancies of what they say now to what they have previously said.
But they have a team of protectors from David Cameron in the government, Bernard Hogan-Howe at NSY right down to people like Jeremy Vine who libels McCann sceptics on air so that millions of people can hear. The protectors aren't scared to keep ramming this scam down our throats as though it's the truth so why should the McCanns be terrified?


Kate McCann: It was our holiday too.


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