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Post by Jill Havern on 29.01.10 17:23

Posted by the mysterious Thentherewere4 in the comments section on my blog

Steele was no doubt appearing that night as the LibDems face of political respectability for the McCanns. This 'palsey walsey' association betyween the LibDems and the McCanns forces me to now consider, even more seriously than before, just what it is that might engender such mutual support from the LibDems in the face of insurmountable odds.

In May 2007 it was the turn of Charles Kennedy to front the Parliamentary LibDems at Philomena McCanns march on Parliament. The look on his face then told everyone, he for one didn't want anything to do with the McCanns and their tales of woe. He didn't want to do it but he made himself attend. almost as if he was expected to somehow show support for the McCanns.

Not that long ago a man by the name of Michael Brown a millonaire fraudster and trickster of the higest calibre gave a serious amount of money to the LibDems. Charles Kennedy accepted the money and the free flights Brown offered Kennedy for his political campaigning in the 2005 General Election. Kennedy would much later, and only after political pressure had been brought to bear, be forced to surrender his all ill gotten gains.

The would be LibDem benefactor Brown was living at the time on the island of Majorca. Browns abode was not all that far from Brian Kennedys villa, it is possible the two millionaires had met and were aware of each other on the small island.

Brian Kennedy the McCanns benefactor has a well known love of all things avionic in the private plane realm. Brian Kennedys appreciation of the merits of private plane travel are well documented as his plane is frequently recorded in the log pages and pictures of avid plane spotters and bloggers across the globe. 'Why drive when you can fly' might well be his motto.

At the time that Brown was seen to be sponsoring the LibDems, Brian Kennedy was in retirement in Majorca - 'driving his family nuts!' - these are his words not mine. A retired Kennedy living in Majorca, a small island, might have given the two millionaires the time and opportunity to meet. There would have been plenty of time and common interests for the two men to share. Where Brown got his money from is not known, he had precious little of the stuff himself despite his wiley ways and certainly nothing by way of a fortune was ever found stashed or even considered by investigators as likely to be stashed away for a rainy day.

Brown in time was hauled before a judge in Spain for his financial wickedness, but immediately went on the run before anyone could lay a hand on the man. Brown eventually surfaced at a cash machine - I kid you not - on a small island no more than 180 miles for Richard Bransons island retreat - Necker. The man Brown, rather like Madeleine McCann, then simply disappeared. Apart from this one sighting Brown has never seen nor heard of since.

An apparent relationship between Richard Branson and the 2 Kennedys and the not inconsiderable sum of £2million perhaps brought about through Brown and his crooked business dealings might go some way to explain why the LibDems continued and continue to support a cause that any other political party is at pains to avoid like the plague in this election year.

One last note on the issue of planes. At the start of the 2005 general election campaign whilst Charles Kennedy was kicking off in style at Exeter with the help of Browns private plane, it has been noted the private plane of Brian Kennedy was also spotted on the tarmac at Exeter airport on the very day that Charles Kennedy arrived to begin his doomed final bid for power in this country. As for the £2million you probably won't be too surprised to hear that it was whilst Kennedy was travelling with Brown at 30,000ft in his private plane that Charles Kennedy was advised by Brown of his deep pockets and generous disposition towards the British body politic, more specificaly the Liberal Democratic party.
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