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Post by Cristobell on 31.10.11 16:37

Just caught this programme last week. It is a 3 part series about familes who have lost their children through abduction and murder. Their grief is tangible, even all these years later, they cannot speak about their beloved son or daughter without their eyes welling up with tears. My heart breaks for them.

I feel as though whenever the Mccanns speak, they have an agenda....... felt that at the beginning when Cuddle cat was strategically placed peeping out from Kate's rucksuck. Also could not understand the desperate need for money. I cannot think of any instance of parents in similar circumstances asking for money.... especially in the early days, when a ransom demand or (tragically) a body could have turned up at any time.

Does anyone know who instigated the fund raising at the beginning?

Apologies if I am raising old topics, but I am a newbie, and have much catching up to do...........


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