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A new precident perhaps?

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A new precident perhaps?

Post by Smokeandmirrors on 28.10.11 21:24

One of the reasons I think no-one has faced any criminal proceedings so far in the Madeleine case is that although there seems to be strong grounds for bringing it to court, the material is not strong enough or beyond reasonable doubt for the CPS to go with it. I am not sure how much is on file or how much protection from "high places" there actually is, but based on what exsists in the public domain I am certain beyond a doubt that it is not concrete enough for the requirements or that cannot be redoubted enough bearing in mind how crafty barristers are at picking things to shreds.

The above link is interesting though, because I always believed that there was no double jeopardy. Am not certain of the differences between the Scottish courts and English, but it will be interesting to see if this sets a precidence for the future where a crime could be tried twice.

Does anyone else have a view on this?

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Re: A new precident perhaps?

Post by Angelique on 29.10.11 0:16

If I recall we in UK have overturned the "double jeopardy" law.

The article states it applies to certain crimes.

Introduced in Criminal Justice Act 2003
Overturns 800-year-old law
Covers 30 offences, including murder and rape
Requires new and compelling evidence

Double jeopardy man admits guilt in murder case."

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