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The pro's support child murderer Cipriano Mm11

The pro's support child murderer Cipriano Regist10

The pro's support child murderer Cipriano

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The pro's support child murderer Cipriano Empty The pro's support child murderer Cipriano

Post by happychick on 22.10.11 20:53

I can hardly believe what I read on the pro's forum earlier. I know Bonnybraes and her forum members do not approve of Snr Amaral or TB's efforts to get Madeleine's case reopened and solved, but they clearly support this Cipriano woman who killed her own daughter, chopped her up and fed her to the pigs. bigshock

Apparently the whacky lawyer, who the McCanns paid to target Amaral, has written a letter on her behalf to the Portuguese prime minister.

I absolutely cannot believe that BB1 discredits Amaral but celebrates this child murderer. I've seen it all now.


Hon. Prime Minister of Portugal

With copies to:

Hon. President of the Republic;

Hon. Attorney-General;

Hon. President of the Republic Assembly;

Hon. President of the Bar Association;

Hon. President of Amnesty International Portugal;

Hon. Journalists.

22 October 2011

Honourable Prime Minister of Portugal:

It is with great honour that I forward to you this open letter from my constituent Maria Leonor Domingos Cipriano, dated and signed by this Portuguese Citizen on 14 October 2011 (transcribed below, and the original document attached here in PDF format).

Given the content of this public letter, we appeal to Your Excellency also a public response to the issues raised by my constituent.

One can summarize the content of the teleological questions to know the position of the Portuguese Government, given the proven victims of crimes of torture remain without any compensation or support from the State, in flagrant violation of international laws to which Portugal is legally bound, namely the Convention Against Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading articles 11 to 15 inclusively, protected by the United Nations.

That is, we want to know if the commitment of the Portuguese Government in the implementation of international laws and agreements is limited solely to the application of economic austerity measures, or whether, by the contrary, it also covers all other International Agreements of the Portuguese State, in particular the Protection of Human Rights.

With our best regards,

Marcos Aragão Correia,

Lawyer of Leonor Maria Domingos Cipriano.


OPEN LETTER from Leonor Cipriano

Leonor Maria Domingos Cipriano

Odemira Prison

Recluse No. 34

Odemira - Portugal


Hon. Prime Minister of Portugal

I write to you in order that Justice is done in the disappearance of Joana Cipriano my daughter, as I have tried to do since there are already many years and through my Lawyer Dr. Marcos Aragão Correia. In the year 2011, I proved in the Portuguese Courts, without further possibility of appeal, that I was brutally tortured by agents of the Portuguese State, particularly of the Judiciary Police. However, my ex-lawyer João Grade dos Santos, who represented me until August 2008, did not asked for compensation, although I said to him that I wanted to be compensated for the torture that I was victim. Nevertheless, and having finally changed of Lawyer in August 2008, I already could not submit the claim for compensation, because at the time that my current Lawyer Dr. Marcos Aragão Correia took my legal sponsorship and representation, all the legal deadlines for the requirement for compensation were for many months already expired, due to the exclusive fault of Dr. João Grade dos Santos, who represented me not according to my will.
Concluded that the process is about my torture, in Portugal, and once two convicted, who are Portuguese Judicial Police officers, to prison sentences (Antonio Cardoso and Gonçalo de Sousa Amaral), I appealed to the United Nations so that Justice could be done in practice since, despite the already proved evidence of torture, no practical consequences resulted from the ruling of the Portuguese Courts.
I want to clarify the position of the current Government of Portugal in relation to this matter, and for that I ask you the following:

1 - The Portuguese Government agrees with the use of torture by its agents?

2 - If not, what do you do to prevent this practice?

3 - In relation to the victims of torture, proven in court but without practical effects, as it is my case, what do the Government of Portugal thinks to do?

4 - Does the Government of Portugal considers that the Treaties and International Laws against torture should be honoured, since the Portuguese State is also signatory, and if yes, compensated the victims of torture, including, if necessary, by administrative way?

5 - Finally, and most important of all, what is the position of the Government of Portugal in relation to the police investigations on missing children, in which no scientific proof has been produced, nor the children were never found alive or dead.

I’ll wait, with despair and in jail, for the answers to the questions I posed to you.

More inform the address of my Lawyer, to which all these issues should be clarified in my name:

Marcos Aragão Correia

Calcada do Pico, 35

9000-206 Funchal.

In the absence of your reply as Prime Minister of Portugal, I’ll assume, and will give notice to the United Nations, that continues to absolutely prevail in Portugal a total disrespect for the victims of crimes of torture and disappearances of children.

Odemira, 14 October 2011

Leonor Maria Domingos Cipriano


More, plus original Portuguese letters, at:

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The pro's support child murderer Cipriano Empty Re: The pro's support child murderer Cipriano

Post by Jass on 29.10.11 19:28

They also discredit the findings at the Jersey care home. They do not believe children were abused there and died there. They support child abuse and they support child abusers like the McCanns. They are most likely part of the 'ring', organised crime, and they are paid by Team McCann to support them with comments such as on theri facebook page. They are paid to discredit the dogs and that's why they say the dogs are no good because they found coconut and not human skull. But Martin Grimes said it was a person who dug up the coconut not the dogs. Martin Grimes said humans are not always 100% right which is why they are humans and not dogs. I wonder if the dogs had alerted in murat's house whether they would be so quick to discredit them?

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