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Gordon Smith

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Gordon Smith

Post by Guest on 04.10.11 19:29

I found this interesting, its a long read. What interrested me the most is the part about the " Madeleine playing with Kates wedding ring the last night"
What Gordon states he had a vision about Madeleine playing with her mums ring, nad he got that image over and over again. He also sent emails to the Mccanns about this. First months later Kate's Diary got public or part of it, and there for the first time she mentions exacly what he had visioned and emailed them about.

So is Gordon Smith really a phsycic or did the mccanns like that story / that detail so much she acually included it in her diary to look more caring/autentic or what ever?

I recomend to read the whole entry:

Gordon Smith Ed. on October 22nd, 2008 7:06 am

Facts about what was sent to the McCann’s web site last year and why?
Please don’t judge me until to get to the end about God works in mysterious ways. Just read it and see!
As with most missing people that end up in the public domain there is a rush from psychics claiming to know what happened and I see you have been slated by the skeptics.
I left contacting the Madeleine McCann web site until months later simply because of this and the fact I know no matter what is said they won’t listen unless you’re famous like Gordon Smith the Todd of the North. For a family that is devoted Catholics and stated they didn’t contact Mr. Smith isn’t exactly true. Because about July of 07 when I contacted their web site to explain my past and why I could help them I got a reply asking if I was the famous Mr. Smith. Daft as I am I though I would struggle to twist and bend like the man in the Matrix but time travel well that isn’t beyond me as I’ve proved in the past using Blair and Bush for examples. Then I reminded hay, there is a psychic called Gordon Smith. I told them no, I’m not him I’m not a sweetie wife. “Note for me not to ever get a haircut in Glasgow if he finds this out” Anyway as Martin say’s back to the real world and why you are getting this info.
I sent them a email knowing it would pop up later and stopped viewing the emails of support early this year simply because there was no way of convincing the McCann’s about what I’ve proven beyond any doubt until the extracts of Mrs. McCann’s diary became public. Recently you may have noticed in the British News of the World her diary was published and no one but Mrs. McCann and the police had any knowledge about her last memory of Madeleine playing with her wedding ring. That is unless they rewind and see my email to them last November. At the time I did hope someone within the team handling the web site could have noticed the email I sent to them last November and seen that I was stuck because every time I looked Madeline was plying with her mums wedding band. I hoped by stating this way back then someone could have told Mrs. McCann and she could have seen the part and realized how could anyone have know this apart from her. However I can understand why they are reluctant to take part in things that go against the norm and the guilt ridden mind set they are in. But if I recall Mr. McCann stated they would consider anything as long as it’s provable. Well there it is and the fact I normally just do governments and big business is why I’ve not been jumping from the highest hills shouting about it.
Believe it or not in my view that was Gods answering Mrs. McCann doubts about her beliefs and not me.
I’m not a person who judges people in any way or form nor am I knocking anyone’s ability to help. Psychic or any person given info to help find out what happened that day, grate. But I hate when people lie just to get their five minutes of fame. They truly haven’t a clue what is going on and the hurt it can cause if they lie. The price they will pay is more than money can buy.
I know there is fear about what I stated way back then because it dose contradict their actions and shows the holes in their approach and why they foolishly went down the road of JT account of what she seemingly seen that night. I can understand why they are not at my door seeking info. But anyone who gave me info like that and I was desperately trying to find my child then come rain or hellfire it wouldn’t have stop me from just asking how did this person know that and what further info can be given. But some people do react to horrendous problems in their life different from what we expect is the norm. But as I kindly tried to point out to them last year JT drawing of the man who she didn’t see’s face and then later agreed with another witness drawing of a man was the same persons face, I can say this isn’t helpful to anyone. In that email I reiterated the fact, had this man been caring Madeline as seen in the drawing then Madeleine would have to have been sleeping upside down, because the child in this mans army had her legs dangling where the Maddy’s head should have been. When the pictures came out this year showing the bedroom where Maddy was sleeping confirmed my vision of the room and where the bed was and the fact the covers were only slightly ruffled contrary to someone lifting a child out of her bed. I could go on about what took place that night but it would be better for the McCann’s to have their say if it is what they won’t to do.
How I prove the facts is by documenting them via major outlets so there is real authenticity that can’t be doctored. An example was when I sent out clear info about the cartoon of a profit on a rocket that cause riots around the world to people like Blair and Bush a year before the picture was ever published in the newspaper. The point I’m trying to make is windows in time can be activated via sprite. You wouldn’t believe what was written before hand and sent out then happened unless you see the facts and who got them.
Yours truly,
Gordon Smith

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Re: Gordon Smith

Post by Angelique on 04.10.11 22:25


Yes - having read this article it is interesting.

I remember Kate saying this thing about Madeleine playing with her ring. Trouble is I am not sure whether I heard it before the publication of her Diary. I definitely remember Kate describing it though, not reading it in a paper.

Things aren't always what they seem

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I dont understand

Post by Guest on 05.10.11 8:04

From what I can see she writes nothing in her diary about M playing with her wedding ring?
I also cant find any interviews or news articles stating it either.
The only places I find it is in Gordon Smiths post from 2008, and Kates book from 2011..
Nothing in her statements to the PJ either.

Her is the diary, referin to in GS article/post.

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