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Biblical question?

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Biblical question?

Post by anil39200 on 25.09.11 20:49

Being new to the forum and somewhat interested in the religious aspects of this and other cases, I have just read the section on the Biblical passages in the research section and perhaps I can ask this. The passage from Samuel not only is about the death of a child, but is it not also about adultery, and possibly the earliest recorded instance of a child being harmed in the aftermath of a spouse discovering adultery. If I have missed any previous thoughts about this I apologies but I just thought I would ask if this might have any relevance here?


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Re: Biblical question?

Post by frank zappa on 25.09.11 22:20

Probably just another conundrum created by team mccann to get in the headlines, like they have done at every turn, let me put it this way, they knew fine well they would be intensely investigated, hence the reason they leave this sort of crap laying around for the police to find in order to put them off the trail of what this really is all about, A MONEY MAKING SCAM.

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