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Elisabeth Murdoch

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Elisabeth Murdoch

Post by Guest on 22.09.11 9:22

Elisabeth Murdoch married Public Relations man Matthew Freud, the son of the MP, Sir Clement Freud. Clement Freud had a house in Praia da Luz and is quoted as having once cooked for Kate and Gerry McCann.

In 2001, Elisabeth Murdoch founded Shine Limited (also known as Shine Entertainment, Shine Group, and Shine International). It is a British media production company, with offices in London and Manchester. The company is 80% owned by Elisabeth Murdoch, 15% by Lord Alli and 5% by BSkyB.
Shine Limited is the supplier of franchise television to the BBC, Five, Channel 4, HBO and the RTL Group. In 2006 they acquired Kudos Film and Television, Princess Productions and Dragonfly to create the Shine Group, although they still operate as four separate entities.
Shine acquired Reveille Productions in 2008. News Corporation acquired the Shine Group on April 5, 2011 for £415 million. US pension funds who are shareholders in News Corporation are suing the company.As Managing Director, Elisabeth Murdoch oversaw BSkyB's £12 million sponsorship of the troubled Millennium Dome, to the relief of its Cabinet overseer, Peter Mandelson. But she earned opprobrium after brokering her father's £623.4 million bid for England's champion Manchester United team.
Dragonfly Productions is a corporate video production company launched in London in 2005. It was formed using money from The Prince’s Trust. In 2006, they moved to Covent Garden. The company grew very quickly in its first year and were asked to produce videos by such blue chip companies as The Virgin Group, PepsiCo, and Hewlett Packard. As well as this corporate work, Dragonfly Productions also became heavily involved in working in the public sector and in particular, with children. In March 2005 Dragonfly Productions developed and ran filmmaking workshops for children & adolescents with learning difficulties, funded by The Department of Health. The company went on to work with young offenders to produce some videos which were commissioned by The Home Office. Dragonfly Productions continue to work with young people and disadvantaged children as well as working directly with The National Health Service who regularly call on Dragonfly Productions to satisfy their video production requirements.
Local government such as, Staffordshire County Council, West Sussex County Council and, Northamptonshire County Council have called on Dragonfly Productions to produce video presentations between 2005 and 2008. In addition, Dragonfly Productions has produced several video for charities and non-profit organizations.
Most recently, in April 2008, Dragonfly Productions were invited to produce videos with The Young Chamber, which brings together young people and businesses at a local level in a real and direct way. This initiative was set up by The London Chamber of Commerce, an organization which Dragonfly Productions have been a member of since January 2006.
Dragonfly Productions are currently involved in new scheme designed to give young people in England the opportunity to experience at least 5 hours of high quality arts and culture every week. Creative Partnerships is the Government’s national flagship creativity program for schools and young people, managed by The Arts Council England and funded by The Department for Children, Schools and Families and The Department for Culture, Media and Sport
In the summer of 2007, Dragonfly Productions teamed up with The Brighton Film School to launch The Kids Film School. The Kids Film School is the only one of its kind in England and offers children real exposure to filmmaking.
Dragonfly Productions moved into factual television production as well as corporate videos in the latter part of 2008.
The company's production team are exclusively made up from documentary broadcast professionals, and moving into factual broadcast production was always the companies aim.
Dragonfly have produced two successful documentaries to date and have five documentaries either in pre-production or production.

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Re: Elisabeth Murdoch

Post by Guest on 22.09.11 14:43

Don't we have a member named Dragonfly on here? oh go on

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Re: Elisabeth Murdoch

Post by Daisy on 24.09.11 12:37

Ha ha. This is a similar article to the one Stella posted but check out the following headline. Now we might not put too much emphasis on numerology or symbolism, but you better believe they (the power elite) most certainly do. They communicate through this esoteric language that most people aren't even aware of even though we're faced with it every day, everywhere we go. That's why they label us 'profane'. This is not conspiracy, it is fact.

Rupert Murdoch's News Corp buys daughter's Shine Group for $666 million

News Corp announced overnight it has agreed to buy Shine Group, a
television production company owned by News Corp chief executive Rupert
Murdoch's daughter Elisabeth, for £415 million ($666.13 million).

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Re: Elisabeth Murdoch

Post by Guest on 24.09.11 13:00

It's a bit like the use of the phrase 'no stone unturned'. Just look at how many different people who have used that one.
If Clement and Kate have rubbed shoulders, you can bet Elisabeth Murdoch was there also. We should not underestimate this potential relationship.

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