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The extended 'family McCann'

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The extended 'family McCann'

Post by uppatoffee on 15.09.11 9:22

Reading through some of the PJ files, it struck me that there seem to be a relatively high proportion of people name McCann involved. I mean what are the chances that you go one holiday and rent an apartment from someone with the same surname? winkwink I believe one of the creche workers was also a McCann.

Can anyone point me in the direction of any family history of the McCanns, as I would be interested in seeing if there is a connection somewhere.

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Re: The extended 'family McCann'

Post by Guest on 15.09.11 9:38

The coincidence of the name McCann cropping up seemingly everywhere has been discussed before Uppatoffee. It is a very common name in certain areas of Scotland and Ireland plus in Liverpool. People have tried to find a link between Michael McCann (the late husband of the owner of the apartment) and Gerry's family but as yet nothing has come to light.

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