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Post by russiandoll on 14.09.11 9:49

my internet security is blocking access when I click on the link as advised....I will go to amazon and read the review which has been mentioned, thanks for this. I am a new member, having for the past few months read as much as I can about the facts and evidence in this very complex case....hence my user name..the more one reads with a cool and objective eye the more tangled the web becomes .
I joined this forum as it seems to offer considered and intelligent debate of the facts, I am not here to be anti MCann and post insulting comments, some sites seemed to indulge in more of this to the detriment of posting about the fight to get to the truth of what has happened....Madeleine is the centre of this narrative for me.
my interest in the book by her mother is because I view her written word as evidence [ laymans terms maybe not in the eyes of the law] of what happened and have read it with interest..I could not put it down easily but not for the usual reasons.
As such i regard objective analysis of what she has written as reasonable and not defamatory....I wish to post my thoughts on a few issues and would welcome your thoughts,,, I will not put anything in quotes that is not directly lifted from the text[ as I have seen on other sites, a definite no-no].
I am not going to start from the angle some have elsewhere.that the " account of the truth" statement is the basis for instantly thinking poster on a different site asked how many versions of the truth are there? this is nonsense based on the statement Kate Mc Cann made,,,,,an account by definition is not one version among many of a narrative. is a verbal or written record. However, I do agree with the opinion that the book is a spinning of the narrative with an agenda.
I have been increasingly saddened the more I read about the facts and the PJ files, that my normal compassionate nature meaning my heart would go out to a couple in their position with a missing daughter[ despite their stupidity...[i refuse to agree with the couple that they have ever displayed naivety [ has been put on the back shelf by my objective head and analytical head telling me from the does not add up, simple.
In a nutshell, some phrases come to mind which have lodged in my brain over the years . Forgive me if I don't quote to the letter, but the meanings I hope are clear.

When you remove the impossible, what you are left with is the truth.
When you are telling the truth, there is no need to remember.
I cant say I am enjoying reading the many interesting posts, given the context, but boy is there food for thought !

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Re: madeleine

Post by Guest on 14.09.11 9:55

You will have seen several threads down the other thread on this very subject, which went crazy, so was locked.

I would always do my own searches and refrain from clicking on links which could infect your computer.

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