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The Catenian Association - Leicester Circle Mm11

The Catenian Association - Leicester Circle Regist10

The Catenian Association - Leicester Circle

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The Catenian Association - Leicester Circle Empty The Catenian Association - Leicester Circle

Post by sharonl on 10.09.11 17:58

What is The Catenian Association?

The Catenian Association is an international brotherhood of practising Catholic laymen who meet socially, at least once a month, in local branches, known as Circles. Members refer to each other as 'brother'. This reflects the strength of the mutual support they give to each other and their families, which is based on the shared values of their Catholic belief and practice.

In an increasingly secular society, the Association provides a sociable and supporting haven (an oasis of calm) for those facing challenges to their beliefs and moral values in their business, professional and family lives. Through their membership Catenians are helped to enjoy and fulfill their various vocations in life. Firstly as baptised Christians and also in their family as a husband and father; in their chosen profession or workplace; within the civil community and within the church.

The Association's name is derived from the Latin 'Catena' (a chain) with the Circles being the links in the chain. The emblem consists of a continuous chain of links surrounding a cross. This symbolizes that our Catholic faith is at the centre of all we do.

The Association is not a fund raising agent for the Catholic Church, nor is it a Catholic action group. However, it is a group of active Catholics. On an individual basis, Catenians take an active part in the life of their parishes and many play a leading role in their dioceses and Catholic lay organisations locally and nationally. The Association is non-political though Catenians are prominent in many aspects of public life and service.

Circle Name: Leicester (UK)
Circle Number: 53 Inaugurated: Nov 12 1920 12:00AM Meeting Times: 7:00:00 PM Meeting Date(s): 3rd Wednesday of the Month

Ramada Jarvis Hotel, Granby Street, Leicester LE1 6ES phone 0116 255 5599. Dinner follows.
For further information please contact Head office on 02476 224533

Where did the PJ Stay on their visit to the UK?

The stay of the team of the Judiciary Police of Portimão in the Ramada Hotel, in Leicester, altered the internal rules of that unity. The bar, which was usually open not for guests until 01h00, now closes at 23h00.

Is this the same hotel? What a coincidence if certain people from Leicester who were involved in this case where also part of this group. Who organised accommodation for the PJ?

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The Catenian Association - Leicester Circle Empty Re: The Catenian Association - Leicester Circle

Post by Daisy on 10.09.11 18:53

Very Interesting, thank you Sharon. As far as I'm aware, there's only one Ramada Hotel in Leicestershire. This case get murkier & murkier.

I've studied 'secret societies' for a few years now, and despite coming from Catholic ancestry, I've only recently
come across the Catenians. Not surprising though, they do seem rather 'elite' (& gentlemen only). Fascinating bunch!

For those that are interested, here's a bit more info on the connections between the Catenian Association and the McCann case.

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