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Investment Banking

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Investment Banking

Post by Guest on 07.09.11 9:10

Is there anyone out there who works within this specific type of industry, who could help with a few questions please?

It would appear that a few guests staying at Ocean Club that week, who in different ways have some sort of connection with investment funds or hedge funds. What would be nice to know is, who are the top UK companies who arrange these for other companies? Is there some sort of criteria which seperates small and large companies? Are there specific accountants who manage these arrangements, or certain people who do within the Banks if so what titles would they have, that sort of thing. Anyone know please?

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Re: Investment Banking

Post by Guest on 08.09.11 14:13

The world of brokers and investment banking is really quite interesting

Matrix Corporate Capital LLP has the following quoted clients:

Aberdeen Asian Smaller Companies Inv Tr PLC

Aberdeen Private Equity Fund Ltd (J)

Accsys Technologies PLC (J)

Acuity VCT 3 PLC

African Medical Investments PLC

Agriterra Ltd (J)

Amati VCT 2 PLC

Angel Biotechnology Holdings PLC (J)

Ark Therapeutics Group PLC

Baillie Gifford Shin Nippon PLC

Baronsmead VCT 2 PLC

Baronsmead VCT 3 PLC

Baronsmead VCT 4 PLC

Baronsmead VCT 5 PLC

Baronsmead VCT PLC

Bglobal PLC (J)

Cadogan Petroleum PLC

Cambium Global Timberland Ltd

Canadian General Investment Ltd

Close Enhanced Commodities Fund II Ltd




Edge Performance VCT PLC

EKF Diagnostics Holdings PLC (J)

Foresight 5 VCT PLC (J)

Global Energy Development PLC

Henderson International Income Trust PLC

Highland Gold Mining Ltd


Income & Growth VCT (The) PLC

Livermore Investments Group Ltd

LMS Capital PLC (J)

Lok'n Store Group PLC

London and St Lawrence Investment Company PLC

Ludgate Environmental Fund Ltd

Manganese Bronze Holdings PLC

Matra Petroleum PLC

Matrix Income & Growth 2 VCT PLC

Matrix Income & Growth 4 VCT PLC

Matrix Income & Growth VCT PLC

Maven Income and Growth VCT 5 PLC

Nordic Land PLC (J)

Octopus Apollo VCT 1 PLC

Octopus Apollo VCT 2 PLC

Octopus Apollo VCT 3 PLC

Octopus Apollo VCT 4 PLC

Octopus Eclipse VCT 2 PLC

Octopus Eclipse VCT 3 PLC

Octopus Eclipse VCT 4 PLC

Octopus Eclipse VCT PLC

Octopus Titan VCT 1 PLC

Octopus Titan VCT 2 PLC

Octopus Titan VCT 3 PLC

Patagonia Gold PLC

Polar Capital Global Healthcare Grwth & Inc Tr PLC

Proximagen Group PLC

Raven Russia Ltd (J)

Real Estate Opportunities PLC

ReNeuron Group PLC (J)

Rensburg AIM VCT PLC

Sable Mining Africa Ltd (J)

Scancell Holdings PLC (J)

Schroder Income Growth Fund PLC

Schroder Japan Growth Fund PLC

Schroder UK Mid Cap Fund PLC

South African Property Opportunities PLC

SVM Global Fund PLC

Synairgen PLC


Ventus 2 VCT PLC

Ventus VCT PLC

Worldspreads Group PLC (J)

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Re: Investment Banking

Post by Guest on 08.09.11 14:38

It would appear that Matrix are the brokers for AstraZeneca and another big pharmaceutical company.

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