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#Hackgate #McCanns wish to be part of the Leveson inquiry..

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#Hackgate #McCanns wish to be part of the Leveson inquiry..

Post by Jill Havern on 06.09.11 22:57

posted by steelmagnolia - more info on the blog

Pretty certain now Ross Hall hacked the McCanns and he will be paid for his silence the same way Tom Crone was paid today...1 million AFTER you testify and LIE through your teeth.

Another vital clue pointing to kidnap came two months ago when the News of the World revealed how Maddie's treasured Cuddle Cat toy had been found on a high ledge in the room, out of her reach.

The McCanns have never said this, their 'staging' of the abduction was to remove one cot from their room placing it with the other cot in the room they claim Madeleine was taken from ( implying all three children slept together) . The soft toy they have always claimed was on the bed with a pink blanket.

May2nd ,Witness statement from CLEANER who saw two cots BUT in different rooms, by May 3rd, both cots were together.

Ross Hall could have only come by this information in an EXCLUSIVE for the NOTW by hacking into the McCanns. The one million dollar question has to be, did Ross Hall overhear what really happened to Madeleine ? Lori Campbell, the partner of Ross Hall tried to set up Robert Murat for an alleged abduction without a shred of evidence.

AND then of course we have the McCanns and their deleted phone calls ?

AND last but not least the question of a missing sports bag that disappeared the same night as Madeleine...does Ross Hall know anything about the bag because Martin Brunt certainly did.
Jill Havern

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Re: #Hackgate #McCanns wish to be part of the Leveson inquiry..

Post by aiyoyo on 07.09.11 6:18

Barrister David Sherborne told a High Court hearing that he represented a
number of "victims" who also wanted to be core participants, including
the McCanns, Jefferies and Mosley.

Lord Justice Leveson said "core participant" status would give people
the right to be legally represented, cross-examine witnesses and make
opening and closing statements.

Most public figures and celebrities just want to be contributors; but the mccanns want to be 'core participants' which will give them the right to cross examine witnesses.

It's their Ward of Court thing all over again - bet they're hoping to get their hands on info hackers had on them . It's a damage limitation exercise for them.

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Re: #Hackgate #McCanns wish to be part of the Leveson inquiry..

Post by lj on 08.09.11 23:22

I would love to hear Kate make an opening -or closing- statement:

Yu knouw, yu knouw, why did not they ever hack my phones, yu knauw, we have as much right to be hacked, after all we are big celelbrities nauw, yu knauw. We deserve to be hacked, so the whole world can knauw how I think about genitals, and follow my sexlife with Gerry.

I wanna be hacked NOW!!

"And if Madeleine had hurt herself inside the apartment, why would that be our fault?"  Gerry

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