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The Frankenstein monster created by the McCanns

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The Frankenstein monster created by the McCanns

Post by Tony Bennett on 12.01.10 19:05

An article on another forum brought over here out of interest:

The problem for this conning couple is that when they came up with the abduction fairy tale they did not realize they had created their own monster of Frankenstein, or Mr Hyde if you wish. A monster that has a life of its own, something they cannot control. how hard they try, even with the help of powers that are normally out of reach for the "normal citizen".

Maybe, if in the beginning, they had left everything alone, the monster had died by lack of attention. But their greedy, narcissistic need for attention fed the monster and it has become very powerful. They should have moved away, changed their names and never mentioned this drama again, maybe, maybe they could have gotten away with it.

The quote from Gerry (No-one can be allowed to say that our daughter can't be found without very good evidence. Gerry McCann) and the reasoning to block Dr. Amaral's witnesses from testifying gives a good look at their infantile magic way of thinking. "If I keep on saying there is no green monster in the closet, there will be none".

However, the genie is out of the bottle, the toothpaste is out of the tube, there is no way they can put it back in or they can unring this bell, to use some all so true platitudes. With every step they take now, even if seemingly successful at first, they will leave more information on the internet. Information to be found by Sean and Amelie, or one of the other kids who were in PDL.

If not by them, their friends will dig and find. How will it be when the twins ask you, Kate and Gerry, "did you really leave us alone when we were crying"? Or when a friend will say: "no, my parents don't want me to sleep over at your place because they think I will not get the proper care each child deserves".

Now they are desperately trying to rewrite history so Amelie and Sean will never find out what really happened. They can't. Even if they win this week there will be more handles for future research and links to the real story about Madeleine.

They might escape formal justice, but justice for Madeleine will be found through the internet. The McCanns will not have one peaceful day the rest of their lives, and that's what they deserve.
Tony Bennett

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Re: The Frankenstein monster created by the McCanns

Post by ufercoffy on 12.01.10 19:35

Maybe if they win this Trial they can approach Google and hosts of blogs and websites to get the internet cleaned up or face being sued?

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Re: The Frankenstein monster created by the McCanns

Post by Cath on 12.01.10 20:49

Perhaps. But probably new blogs or forums will arise when one is closed. So what's the use of closing a few?


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