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List of Leicestershire Constabulary "errors" in McCann case

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List of Leicestershire Constabulary "errors" in McCann case

Post by Get'emGonçalo on 28.08.11 10:48

Call for Public Enquiry: List of Leicestershire Constabulary "errors" in McCann case

This is copied from a thread on The 3 Arguido's forum:

A.With holding 2 testimonies about one of the Tapas 7?
1. KM friends about Payne
2. Social Worker Testimony about Payne

B. Witness Tampering?
1. Russel O Brien allowed to view partners testimony
2. Technical failure on first interview with ROB - very convenient
3. Fire alarm 7 interruptions with JT interview - very convenient

C. Interference in Soverign Nations Police Force
1. LP with GB instrumental in Amaral's removal

D. Information requested
1. Not informing the Pj about 81 pieces of information
2. Medical records not sent
3. phone records not sent
4. financial details not sent (mortgage only)
5. K&G's background info requested 3rd May

E.Nepotism/Conflict of Interest
1. Link from Leicester Police website to McCann Fund
2. Gerry guest speaker at POLICE bravery awards. Given 60k and standing ovation.
3. Clarence Mitchell briefings with LP4.
4. Impersonating a police officer - CM

F. Perverting the Course of Justice
1. LP stated that there was no knowledge of debit or credit cards despite rental car having been hired.
2. Allowing member of British Public (Brian Kennedy) to personally interview UK witnesses
3. Advising McCanns that telephones were being intercepted updated

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Re: List of Leicestershire Constabulary "errors" in McCann case

Post by Gillyspot on 28.08.11 10:59

What about allowing Gerry McCann (whilst arguido) to create a powerpoint presentation for the PJ from witnesses statements - giving Gerry's slant on the evidence.

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