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McCann supporter Richard Branson's antics on Neckar island

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McCann supporter Richard Branson's antics on Neckar island

Post by Tony Bennett on 25.08.11 15:33

There was a full-page article about McCann-supporter Richard Branson on page 15 of yesterday's Daily Mail, with the somewhat lurid headline:

"Torrents of alcohol, kite surfing with naked models and celebrity bed-hopping: The decadent secrets of Branson's paradise island".

This is in the wake of film star Kate Winslet dramatically rescuing Branson's 90-year-old mother from his burning house on the Caribbean island of Neckar, solely owned by Branson, who also own vast areas of land on other Caribbean islands such as Antigua and Bermuda.

To be truthful, the article doesn't really live up to its headline, but one gets a bit of a flavour about Branson and what goes on there from excerpts like this:

"One recent visitor told me that as she left by speedboat, he saluted her - and all the other boats in the bay - by dropping his trousers and baring his bottom, as if he were a daft schoolboy rather than a billionaire captain of industry.

He is said by the way (by Wikipedia) to be worh £3,065 billion, or to put it another way, £3,065,000.000. That's about £50 for each adult and child member of the U.K. population.

While Kate Winslet rescued Mrs Branson, Branson was said to have been 'running around naked trying to make sure his family was safe'.
Tony Bennett

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Re: McCann supporter Richard Branson's antics on Neckar island

Post by happychick on 25.08.11 15:35

Tut tut, and with him being a freemason too.

Oh, and vice president of the patients association/nhs

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