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Tom Watson, MP

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Tom Watson, MP

Post by happychick on 24.08.11 19:45

Tom Watson, MP seems to be a decent enough chap.!/tom_watson

Any thoughts about asking him to intervene in the Madeleine case?

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Re: Tom Watson, MP

Post by Gillyspot on 24.08.11 19:51

I hate to say it but quite a few of us have tweeted to him and had no response whatsoever, although when we have tweeted him about hacking we sometimes get a reply. That goes for Louise Mensch as well. Read into that what you will.

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Re: Tom Watson, MP

Post by pauline on 24.08.11 20:42

What about writing to him with some serious facts?

Responding to tweets from people you don't know (particularly for an MP - could be a set up) is a different matter to getting a hard copy letter with facts backed up by sources from a person who gives you their name, address and other contact details.


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Re: Tom Watson, MP

Post by sherlock on 24.08.11 22:49

A few days ago he did reply to a tweet regarding the McCann case and the fact he was 'afraid' to go near the McCann fraud.

Basically his reply went along the lines of

@bischofield just not had time to follow up. Will though.

(If you want to look it up on Twitter you can- he replied to @bischofield on 20 Aug. From there you'll be able to find the related tweets as follows

veniviedivici nobby-Lobby
@ @msjenniferjames He @tom_watson seems reluctant to point out most of the key players are involved in the #Maddie #McCann #scam too !
18 Aug

Rocki Stone @veniviedivici @msjenniferjames @tom_watson Good morning V. I have tried but #TomWatson too afraid to go near #McCann fraud a great shame .
20 Aug via web


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