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Poor Memories

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Poor Memories

Post by scrants on 22.08.11 10:37

I was listening to a programme on Radio 4 yesterday which interviewed the surviving victims of the Herald of Free Enterprise Disaster in 1987.

All the people interviewed remembered exactly what happened and when and one said that the event was etched on his memory like a video and he will never forget it.

Surely a mother and father who have lost a child it would be the same. You would never forget anything that happened in the lead up to the event and the immediate aftermath. You would go over and over what you did that day and previous days trying to find something that would give a clue to what happened and why. You could never forget and a normal person would be only too anxious to tell those in authority the details too.

The same should apply to those who were involved in the event, i.e. the Tapas 7. They would surely remember the moment it happened and who did what and where they were, at least. They too should rack their minds to put together a coherent timeline of the event. You would be falling over yourselves to help.

This does not seem to have happened with the Mccanns and their friends.

Are the Mccann's interviews on television controlled by their Team Mccann? Nobody seems to pursue questions and just accept the answers the Mccanns give.

When Kate does one of her rambling answers why does no-one pick her up on it and pin her down. Is this not allowed?


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Post by MOTBO on 22.08.11 10:42

They cannot even remember the details in the so called last photo. GM stated he was with SM and MM but if so why is SM wearing a dress, or shoul dthat be AM. KH or is it KM said MM's top was a GAP peach top, mmm its pink.

Sad isn't it.


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Re: Poor Memories

Post by Guest on 22.08.11 10:49

Good post scrants.

Yes, when involved in a sudden situation, such as a disaster or an accident, it is amazing how much information you hold onto. If anything, with most of them being Doctors, they should have been able to recall more details than anyone else.

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