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Grave abuse of trust

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Grave abuse of trust

Post by HotlipsHealy on 19.08.11 9:55

Suspended for a year.

A family doctor has been found guilty of a ‘grave abuse of trust’ for taking blood from a patient and pretending it was her own in an attempt to beat a drink driving ban.
Dr Ellen MacInnes, 46, claimed she was checking for an ‘underlying medical condition’ when she took a syringe of the female patient’s blood.
But she instead submitted the vial as if it were her blood to medical experts working for licensing authority the DVLA – along with a forged signature from another doctor – in an effort to convince them she was sober after a string of drink driving convictions and a driving ban.
A General Medical Council panel heard that the married mother of four had sent the ‘clean’ sample of blood with the forged signature in an unsuccessful attempt to deceive the DVLA and have her licence reinstated.
The same day she had already submitted a genuine sample of her blood at the Whitley House Surgery in Chelmsford.
Confronted with two samples of blood bearing her name – one ‘clean’ and one containing ‘abnormalities’ – on May 26 last year, staff testing it for the DVLA at the Broomfield Hospital Laboratory became suspicious.
She was required to give another sample and admitted her deception during a further blood test at the former Royal London Homeopathic Hospital on August 17 last year. But as the doctor left the room, and the nurse washed her hands, Dr MacInnes snatched the blood vial and fled the hospital.

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Re: Grave abuse of trust

Post by Guest on 19.08.11 10:21

good grief.

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Re: Grave abuse of trust

Post by *~Melody~* on 19.08.11 10:22

It just goes to show what some people, including doctors, will do to save their sorry arses.

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