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Post by preciousramotswe on 08.01.10 21:19

Mr Bennett, I see there are new entries on the website, including your revised tome on Mitchell and another about Murat.

As was pointed out when you first posted the latter item here, there is no source other than Amaral's book for your contention that Jane Tanner positively ID'd Murat as the man she saw carrying a child from the direction of 5A on the night of May 3rd 2007.
I find it pretty extraordinary that you have not bothered to clarify for your readership that this factlet is NOT in the police files, but is only to be found in Amaral's book. This is an important difference because if your Foundation writings are merely a repetition of what Amaral claims then you should say so openly. If you are introducing material that is not in the statements of any witnesses then you should also say so openly.

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