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ExNOTWjourno2 on Twitter

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ExNOTWjourno2 on Twitter

Post by Vera on Sun 31 Jul - 12:04

Call me sad, but I like Twitter.

Nothing gives me more pleasure than knowing what Stephen Fry's up to.

But I've started to follow this interesting account. @ExNOTWjourno2 who is, it seems, not overly impressed with Ms Brooks. Now it could, of course, be a bit of a game but the Tweets are very cryptic and well worth a read.

However, the latest one is a bit spooky.

BrOwN pApER bAG MakEs For A HeaD

Yes, just like that, with the funny capitals and stuff.

Then I remembered my profile pic...

All I want is the truth...and when it comes out, one way or another, there'll be some people with big apologies to make...

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Re: ExNOTWjourno2 on Twitter

Post by Gillyspot on Sun 31 Jul - 16:58

She has mentioned the McCanns a few times but hasn't dished anything out about them yet. I've been following her for a few weeks now. In fact her first mention was around 1000 tweets and followed a number from me and others asking her to give any information she had. Also interesting now is the pro McCanns all hate her (well that makes a change) LOL.

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Re: ExNOTWjourno2 on Twitter

Post by whatsupdoc on Thu 4 Aug - 15:20

I've been following exNOTWjourno2 for a couple of weeks but stopped today as she hasn't come up with anything useful as we were all hoping for.

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