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'Mummy says I'm old enough to look after myself'

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'Mummy says I'm old enough to look after myself'

Post by AskTheDogsSandra on 30.07.11 21:41

'Mummy says I'm old enough to look after myself': What boy, 4, told police after mother left him and baby brother home alone in filthy house

A mother who left her two young children 'home alone' surrounded by excrement and rotting food has avoided jail despite an appalling case of child neglect.
Emily Harbour, 22, left her 14-month-old baby boy and his four-year-old brother to fend for themselves for 90 minutes while she visited a boyfriend.
Police were confronted with a sickening stench as they forced their way past bags of rubbish, soiled nappies and blood-stained blankets when they broke into the house in Newbury, Berkshire.
At first they thought the baby was dead when they found him lying in a cot with a dirty old curtain over his face. However, he was still breathing.
Among the filth surrounding him, they found a sex toy as well as urine and human excrement.
When officers found his four-year-old brother hiding under a duvet in a room littered with junk, he told them: 'Mummy says I am old enough to look after myself.'

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Re: 'Mummy says I'm old enough to look after myself'

Post by Gillyspot on 31.07.11 17:06

I can't believe she escaped jail but hopefully the kids have been taken into care. The only difference between this and the McCann case is that in that case the apartment was CLEAN!

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Not fit to have children

Post by Guest on 31.07.11 17:12

According to the article the children are with their grandparents - what concerns me is that presumably they knew about the conditions the children were living in and yet did nothing about it before.

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