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Met Team To Probe Computer Hacking Claims

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Met Team To Probe Computer Hacking Claims

Post by Guest on 30.07.11 8:34

6:23am UK, Saturday July 30, 2011
Scotland Yard is setting up a team of officers to investigate a number of allegations involving computer hacking.

The Metroplitan Police said there had been privacy breach claims since January which fell outside the remit of Operation Weeting, which is looking into phone hacking.
As a result, a new team of officers will investigate the latest computer claims and will report to deputy assistant commissioner Sue Akers, who heads up Operation Weeting.
Meanwhile, the private investigator at the centre of the News Of The World (NOTW) hacking claims acted "on the instructions of others", his legal team said.
Glenn Mulcaire's lawyers strongly rejected suggestions he "unilaterally" hacked into voicemails of victims without the newspaper's knowledge.
In a statement, Mr Mulcaire's lawyers said he was "effectively employed" by the paper from 2002.
He was subsequently jailed along with former NOTW royal editor Clive Goodman in January 2007.

The mother of murdered schoolgirl Sarah Payne said she was "very distressed and upset" after being told by detectives her mobile may have been targeted by Mulcaire.
The Metropolitan Police informed her this week that her contact details were found in notes compiled by the private investigator.
Sara Payne, who campaigned along with the paper for tougher child protection laws, vowed to challenge "the bad apples head-on" and play a proactive part in preventing the alleged incident from happening again.
She said: "I can confirm reports that I was given a phone by the campaign team and that my voicemail was only activated after my first aneurysm.
"Notwithstanding the bad apples involved here, my faith remains solidly behind all the good people who have supported me over the last 11 years. I will never lose my faith in them."
:: MPs Rule On Recalling Murdoch And Brooks

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Re: Met Team To Probe Computer Hacking Claims

Post by Guest on 30.07.11 8:45

It's funny they should be doing this as part of Operation Weeting, because I have often wondered if they can hack into your computer and access the built in microphones we all have built into them and then they can listen to your every conversation as long as the computer is on.

I bet no ones ever thought about that before !!

I already keep a piece of masking tape over my built in web-cam, so they don't catch me in my nightie.

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Re: Met Team To Probe Computer Hacking Claims

Post by Willo on 30.07.11 13:28

I wonder if they will investigate this fellows complaints too?

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Re: Met Team To Probe Computer Hacking Claims

Post by Guest on 31.07.11 12:02

'Met Police Tried To Cover Up Hacking'

9:50am UK, Sunday July 31, 2011

David Bowden, senior correspondent

The former Army intelligence officer at the centre of the latest hacking inquiry has told Sky News police tried to sweep his case under the carpet and accuses the Metropolitan force of endemic corruption.

Ian Hurst's computer was allegedly hacked by the News Of The World (NOTW) searching for details of an IRA informer.

Scotland Yard is launching an investigation into information allegedly gathered illegally from him by a private investigator who, it is alleged, was working for the tabloid.

Mr Hurst, who spent 12 years gathering information for the Government, said: "The private investigator has admitted that he placed a computer trojan on my hard drive and obtained, over a three-month period, all the email traffic coming in and out.

"He could access social media and ostensibly surveiled me for a given period."

Mr Hurst believes the hackers were looking for information on an informer for the IRA, called Steak-knife.

He has reams of documents relating to his case, which goes back to 2006, but he believes the police were reluctant to investigate properly at the time.

If you don't address the source you can put 10, 50 private detectives away but you won't remove the demand for the information.

He said if they had acted then on the information they had, it would have stopped others from becoming victims.

"It's incredibly important that we understand the rationale for the decisions to effectively sweep this under the carpet," he said.

Mr Hurst claims it is more than just bad policing that allowed the gathering of information to go on for so long.

He said: "Fundamentally, what lays behind this whole cesspit - not since 2006, it predates it by many years before that - we're dealing with institutionalised corruption.

"It's endemic within the Metropolitan Police and that has to be dealt with."

Mr Hurst says his investigations point not only to the NOTW but other newspapers and beyond the media.

Senior Government figures are under pressure over dealings with the Murdochs

"Some of the clients that the private detectives were working for are large financial institutions, celebrities, major PR organisations.

"It's diverse. The client is the source. They're the people willing to pay large sums of money to obtain this unlawful information and if you don't address the source you can put 10, 50 private detectives away but you won't remove the demand for the information."

Scotland Yard is now running three separate investigations: one into phone interceptions, one into computer crime and the third into police corruption.

Meanwhile, Labour has called on Prime Minister David Cameron and his most senior colleagues to "come clean" about their dealings with the Murdochs.

Senior party figures have sent out a series of letters to Cabinet ministers with more than 50 questions they say have not been addressed by the coalition in the wake of the phone-hacking scandal

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