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Kate's book - What advice does she give to parents about child care?

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Kate's book - What advice does she give to parents about child care?

Post by frank zappa on 27.07.11 23:40

Just wondering if Kate in her book Madeleine made any attempt to warn other parents about the danger of leaving young children alone while on holiday (or at any time for that matter)?


NO. None whatsoever.

I have read her book.

Here's an example of Dr Kate's attitude to what happened to their daughter:

"Bringing up children...involves making hundreds of tiny and seemingly minor decisions every single day, balancing the temptation to mollycoddle them with the danger of being too laissex-faire. Sometimes, with hidsight, our judgment proves to have been right, sometimes wrong. Mostly when you make the wrong call you can just chalk it up to experience and do it differently next time. It is our family's tragedy that this particular decision would have such catastrophic consequences" [page 54]

Then there is this:

"We have discovered that there are those in society who will always critcise. It doesn't matter who you are, what you do or why you are doingn it. Our beloved daughter had been stolen from us, we were suffering terribly and I could not begin to comprehend why anyone would want to add to that pain...These detractors didn't care about Madeleine...We realise that Madeleine's abduction has been hard for every parent to bear. It brought home to everyone how vulnerable our children are and how fragile our lives...[pages 2-3]


"As the restaurant was so near [about a minute-and-a-half's walk away - T.B.], we collectively decided to do our own child-checking service. This decision, one that we all made, has naturally been questioned time and again...It goes without saying that we now bitterly regret it, and will do so until the end of our days. But it is easy to be wise after the event...I can say, hand on heart, that it never once crossed my mind that this might not be a safe option" [page 53].

There is almost a complete absence of responsibility, except for Dr Kate accepting 'an error of judgment with hindsight', and there's not a single word of advice to parents about the common dangers involved in leaving very young children complelety on their own for extended periods
frank zappa

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Re: Kate's book - What advice does she give to parents about child care?

Post by jd on 28.07.11 0:31

Kate is not in any position to warn any parent about the dangers of leaving children alone while on holiday

Leaving her 3 children on their own night after night in an unlocked room as she was out dining and downing bottles of new zealand white wine, 49.4 metres away from the apartment in a restaurant that had an outside covering which blocked the view to the apartment, refusing free baby sitting services, refusing walkie talkies knowing Maddie had asked a strange question 'why didn't you come last night when we cried'...leaving the twins on their own when discovering Maddie had gone, leaving them to be abducted too...the list goes on

Yes from the extracts of her book there is a complete absence of responsibility as well as blaming everyone else except for her!

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