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Doctors abused adopted children for 10 years

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Doctors abused adopted children for 10 years

Post by happychick on 21.07.11 17:04

Children abused for 10 years by adoptive doctor parents

Three children rescued from drug addicted parents suffered a decade of abuse and neglect by two doctors who adopted them, a case review has found.

The systematic abuse at their home in Prestbury, Cheshire was "predictable and preventable", the review said.

Jill Newcombe-Buley punched, slapped and smothered the children. Her husband Nicholas Newcombe ignored the abuse.

The local safeguarding children board has apologised to the children, who were originally from Stoke-on-Trent.

'Flawed adoption'
Some professionals were swayed by "perceptions and assumptions" about the couple's class, professional status, and academic qualifications, the serious case review said.

The review's authors said this led to a "flawed" adoption process undertaken by Stoke social services, which has not yet commented.

Research scientist Newcombe-Buley, 45, stamped on one child with a stiletto heel and hit one over the head with a dustbin lid.

She was jailed for four years last October, after admitting child cruelty charges.

Her 43-year-old husband, who pleaded guilty to neglect after he did not report his wife, was given a 12-month suspended sentence.

A report ordered by Cheshire East Local Safeguarding Children Board found there had been "many missed opportunities" to detect the abuse and the couple should never have been allowed to adopt the children - referred to as Child B, C and D.

Report author Chris Brabbs said: "The children went from being 'rescued' from the exposure to significant harm within their birth family only to end up being placed in another abusive situation where they were subjected to repeated and systematic physical abuse, emotional harm and neglect.

"The specific nature of the abuse, and the manner in which it was carried out, by adults who chose to adopt vulnerable children, is hard to comprehend."

Commitment 'questionable'
The abuse had been entirely "predictable and preventable" at stages during the decade it was carried out, Mr Brabbs said.

"Had the appropriate actions been taken, the abuse may have been detected, and the children helped to disclose, much earlier," he continued.

"The review has identified the many missed opportunities to pick up on the indicators of abuse, or to investigate disclosures made by Child B in particular, but also by Child C."

Mr Brabbs said the adoption process in Stoke was "flawed" because a number of factors such as the couple having never lived together, questions about their commitment due to work pressures and their complete lack of experience around children.

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Re: Doctors abused adopted children for 10 years

Post by littlepixie on 21.07.11 22:34

When children go to a foster family they have regular LAC reviews where the child is taken into a room by themselves by an advocate acting on behalf of the child and asked in private if they are happy with their situation. Foster parents and prospective adoptive parents go throught the same strict process when being recruited but there is a difference in the outcome.

When a child is adopted, after an initial period, all contact with social services can stop. I have heard it from the horses mouth that many adoptive parents move house in order to take the child away and have no further contact with SS. They sometimes change the childs name and never tell the child it is adopted even though social services do not agree with this.

I have a friend who, along with his two younger brothers, were adopted by a woman in her fifties. She is in her seventies now. He said it was made quite clear to the two older brothers that it was the baby she wanted and she took the other two because she had to.

He is the oldest brother and left home a few years ago. He got a distress call from the middle brother a couple of years ago and went to rescue him from his adoptive parents. He said his brother was beaten and covered in bite marks made by the adoptive parents. The youngest brother was idolised whereas the two older were resented.
None of those three brothers had a social worker to represent them once they were adopted.

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Re: Doctors abused adopted children for 10 years

Post by lj on 24.07.11 17:41

Are these the doctors that were more in research than clinical medicine?
I thought these children came from Russia, but I might be mistaken.
Anyway I don't think having a university education will change a bad character into a good one. Education does really not equal civilisation, especially in these throat cut times, where more and more people are willing to act harmful to their their fellowmen, just to advance themselves.

From clinical medical doctors you expect however that they have some respect for everyone of God's creatures, if not from within, being that one of the reasons to choose that profession, at least "learned" by their training.
Many cases in the past have sadly proven that that is a wrong assumption, and I fear that nowadays, seeing earnings for doctors skyrocket, it will only get worse.

"And if Madeleine had hurt herself inside the apartment, why would that be our fault?"  Gerry

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