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Murdoch physically attacked

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Murdoch physically attacked

Post by PeterMac on 19.07.11 16:58

Hearing just suspended, Murdoch physically attacked during the hearing. Someone taken out in handcuffs.



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Assault with a deadly custard pie

Post by Marian on 19.07.11 17:10

Apparently the attacker was a comedian called Jonny Marbles (no I've never heard of him either) and, when the hearing reconvenes, it will be minus the press and public. Hmmmm!

P.S. I gather that the hearing has now reconvened and the press and public are not excluded. The incorrect information came from Sky News.

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Re: Murdoch physically attacked

Post by lj on 19.07.11 18:01

Is it safe to say someone lost his marbles?

"And if Madeleine had hurt herself inside the apartment, why would that be our fault?"  Gerry

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Re: Murdoch physically attacked

Post by Guest on 20.07.11 8:31

What I find quite interesting about the custard pie incident, is James's reaction, or should I say lack of. Wendy's reactions of trying to protect her husband at all costs, fits the bill. It could have been a very dangerous substance heading his way. At that point in time, no one really knew. But James's reaction is very strange. Not once does he turn to his Father, to immediately ask him if he is all right. To me that is very telling indeed. Either he didn't care, or he knew at that very precise moment it was 100% shaving foam.
Rupert didn't even try to get to his feet.

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Re: Murdoch physically attacked

Post by Gillyspot on 20.07.11 8:46

Not only that but he actively ducks away and leaves it for wifey of (daddy dearest Rupert) Tiger Wendii Deng to go into the attack instead. LOL

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