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Cameron meetings with Editor of The Sun

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Cameron meetings with Editor of The Sun

Post by Cheshire Cat on 16.07.11 11:53

Revealed in the information published yesterday about Cameron's meetings with newspaper editors etc.

David Cameron had "general discussions" with Dominic Mohan (Editor of the Sun) :

May 2011

July 2010

June 2010

May 2011 is interesting because that is when the famous letter to Cameron was printed in the Sun, leading of course to the almost instantaneous announcement of the Met review of the Madeleine files.

To quote Lord Toby Harris on the subject of the Met review:

"This is in response to an open letter in the Sun and is entirely predictable in terms of the ‘pulling power’ of News International on Government policy."

If the team investigating phone hacking, the News Of The World and the Met need a recent example of the unhealthy influence of a Murdoch newspaper on government policy / Met Police decision making then surely the McCann review makes an excellent case study?

This example is very interesting because it involves The Sun, and not the "toxic" NOTW. Murdoch is desperately trying to keep The Sun clean so he can launch his seven day Sun.
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Re: Cameron meetings with Editor of The Sun

Post by Guest on 16.07.11 12:26

David Cameron's meetings with the media and Chequers guests: get the full list

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Re: Cameron meetings with Editor of The Sun

Post by Guest on 16.07.11 12:33

And seeing as the Murdoch's own the Sun.........

Revealed: Cameron's 26 meetings in 15 months with Murdoch chiefs

By Oliver Wright and Nigel Morris
Saturday, 16 July 2011

The scale of private links between David Cameron and News International was exposed for the first time last night, with the Prime Minister shown to have met Rupert Murdoch's executives on no fewer than 26 occasions in just over a year since he entered Downing Street.

Rebekah Brooks, who resigned yesterday as chief executive of Mr Murdoch's Wapping titles over the escalating scandal, is the only person Mr Cameron has invited twice to Chequers, a privilege not extended even to the most senior members of his Cabinet. James Murdoch, News Corp's chairmanin Europe and the man responsible for pushing through the BSkyB bid, was a guest at the Prime Minister's official country residence eight months ago. And the former NOTW editor Andy Coulson – who was arrested this week in connection with police corruption and phone hacking – was invited by Mr Cameron to spend a private weekend at Chequers as recently as March

No 10 bowed to pressure over Mr Cameron's handling of the phone-hacking scandal last night and released details of all his contacts with senior staff at the company since he became Prime Minister. Mr Cameron has held more than twice the number of meetings with Murdoch executives as he has with any other media organisation. There were two "social" meetings between Mr Cameron and Ms Brooks, one of which was also attended by James Murdoch, and in return they invited the Prime Minister to a succession of parties.

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