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A mother under strain?

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A mother under strain?

Post by welshman on 17.06.11 23:38

There has been a lot of speculation how Madeleine died if she is dead. The Mccanns had three children under the age of four. I do not have children but I imagine having to look after three very young children must be very demanding. Has it been established if Madeleine was a demanding and difficult child? Is it possible that Kate was under a lot of stress having to look after eighteen month old twins and a three year old and if Madeleine was a demanding child, this would have added to the stress Kate was under. If Kate was under a lot of pressure, could she have momentarily lost her temper with Madeleine, hit her and the blow may have resulted in Madeleine falling to the floor causing a fatal blow to the head. Did Gerry help with the child care or did he have old fashioned views and felt child care was the responsibility of the mother? If Gerry did not help with the child care, this would have added to the stress Kate was under. Is it true that Kate considered giving custody of Madeleine to a relative.


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Parental strain

Post by Guest on 18.06.11 9:41

Welshman, I don't think there can be any parents who have not at some time felt themselves to be at breaking point. There were only 21 months between Madeleine and the twins so, in May 2007, they were 2 years and 3 months, not 18 months old. There have been quotes to say that Kate had difficulty managing all three children and I would be surprised if she didn't. Whether the family had live-in nannies or au pairs and Gerry helped out when he could I don't know but there is no doubt that having three children in less than 2 years is incredibly stressful. So speaking generally I have every sympathy for a person who loses control momentarily and inadvertently hurts their child but if they then cover up what happened and go on to make a fortune out of it, no way could such a scenario be excused.

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