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Post by PeterMac on 16.06.11 13:05

p. 164 “Finally , we felt we needed to venture beyond Europe, to north Africa. Morocco was so easily accessible from Praia da Luz - ferries make the thirty-five-minute crossing from Tarifa in Spain to Tangiers several times a day - that there was a distinct possibility Madeleine could have been taken there. “

Praia da Luz, Portugal, to Tarifa, Spain 483 km = 300 miles 5 hours drive. source -

Formalities once aboard the ferry.
Every passenger must have a passport, valid for 6 months
Before you board the ferry in Tarifa you go through passport control.
Once on board you obtain a disembarkation form, for every person in the group.
You take your passport to the immigration officer on board, with the disembarkation card, and get it all stamped.
On disembarkation you show the stamped passport to the police officer in the booth on the dock.
Single file, and impossible to by-pass.

Conclusion -
Morocco is, and always was impossible via this route, unless Madeleine’s passport was also abducted.
Which it wasn’t.
As one of the dreadful relatives said "Nothing of value was taken", and there are photos of the passports all neatly laid out in the apartment



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