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New aid for sniffer dogs

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New aid for sniffer dogs

Post by zebedy on 14.06.11 0:59

With the best dogs in the world, there still is a language barrier.

New USA Scud (Smelling cadaver unanimous detector) machine aims to take the forensics out of the equation altogether and make the EVRD alerts far simplar and without doubt.

Yes, this communication break down device is an EVRD Dog lie detector. I kid ye not.

Material taken from an alert scene is placed on special pads before inserting into the Scud. If the dog alerts to the machine and confirms the material is cadaver scent the dogs are telling the truth definitely. If they don't alert, then it is considered the dogs lied first time around.

A primary inquiry into the benefits of the Scud machine by judges from California were impressed by the device and said as well as saving high forensic science costs, the dog lie detector would send convictions through the woof. However, the federation of forensic science said Scud would Dolittle for learning the language of dumb animals.

Portuguese renowned elite cop, Goncalo Amaral, says it pays to get a second opinion. Not a problem when he was in the force, but SCUD would surely benefit his much respected former colleagues for future cases.

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