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Katey feels 'low' about a possible lead

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Katey feels 'low' about a possible lead

Post by PeterMac on 12.06.11 15:21

Can anyone decipher this entry ?

p. 134 “It had belatedly begun to dawn on me that it probably wouldn’t be good news at all if someone living as close as Robert Murat was involved.”

If it were someone close, then there was surely a chance that Madeleine would still be alive and hidden in a cellar, and a very much better than average chance that the Police, with dogs, house to house enquiries, local informants, nosey neighbours and so on, would find her within a day or so.
This occurred on Monday 14th May, only 10 days into the “working hypothesis”, and a time in which in their fantasy scenario Madeleine might still have been alive.

If it were not someone close then surely the opposite would be true.

to continue
p. 134 “As Fiona and David speculated I became more and more anxious. I didn’t want to hear it. Within the space of a couple of hours I went from feeling cautiously optimistic to very, very low.”

I don’t get this at all.
Optimistic about what ? Optimistic about the fact that there were no leads.
But now there is apparently a good one, suddenly Katey is “low”.

Can anyone in the Universe I inhabit assist.



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