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Post by Guest on 09.06.11 10:42


By Dr Martin Roberts
06 June 2011


From 'Madeleine' by Kate McCann (edited and abridged by Antonella Lazzeri and Oliver Harvey for The Sun):

"He (Gerry) never made me feel guilty, he never pushed me and he never got sulky. In fact, sometimes he would apologize to me. Invariably, he would put a big reassuring arm around me and tell me that he loved me and not to worry."

"Occasionally, when I've been as low as it's possible to be, or afraid I was losing control completely, I've longed for a chance to talk it through, or even just to feel Gerry's arm around my shoulder, but he simply hasn't had the strength."

"Our apartment was 30 to 45 seconds away and largely visible from the restaurant."

Martin Brunt, for SKY News (The Mystery of Madeleine McCann, 24.12.07):

"The view from there (the tapas bar) to here is not a good one. It's partially obscured. And of course at the time, it was dark."

"The apartment is some distance away (from the Tapas Bar). It's beyond the swimming pool. There's a wall and a hedge and behind that is a path. It would be very difficult, from here, to see anybody going in and out of the apartment. Going to check on the kids wasn't easy...eighty paces as far as the gate, the distance between the Tapas Bar and the apartment. Not quite as Gerry McCann described it."

(With only the narrow, rear facade remotely within their field of view, the apartment, even in daylight, was largely invisible from the Tapas Bar.)

From 'Madeleine' by Kate McCann (edited and abridged by Antonella Lazzeri and Oliver Harvey):

"At the time my brain simply couldn't connect such cases with Madeleine's. These were abuse victims, and as awful as such crimes were, Madeleine's was much worse. Our child had been stolen."

(What crime did Madeleine ever commit? There being 'no evidence that she has come to any harm,' how can 'stolen' be considered a worse fate than 'sexually abused?')

"I was totally perplexed. If, as the PJ alleged, Madeleine's blood was in the boot of our car, which we had not rented until May 27, how on earth had it got there? Did this mean someone had planted it? I could see no other explanation."

"At that point Gerry began to feel a lot better. He realised that no one could have planted forensic evidence to implicate us..."

(Gerry at least must have known the PJ did not have Madeleine's body - or blood samples.)

"'They've got nothing!' he (Gerry) fired at Carlos. He began pointing out the many flaws in the PJ's 'evidence and the complete absence of logic."

"His emphasis suggested this was the gold standard. I just stared at him, unable to hide my contempt. These dogs had never been used in Portugal before..."

(And Benfica never win away from home).

"The dogs ultimately 'alerted.' I felt myself relax a little. This was not what I'd call an exact science. The film show continued. Now we were in an underground garage where eight or so cars were parked, including our rented Renault Scenic.

"It was hard to miss: the windows were plastered with pictures of Madeleine. In medicine we would call this an 'unblinded' study, one that is susceptible to bias."

('Ask the dogs, Sandra!' Not only are they bi-lingual they recognize pictures of missing children.)

"As we now know, the chemicals believed to create the 'odour of death', putrescence and cadaverine, last no longer than 30 days."

From a UTV news report of 8 March 2006:

"A murder trial heard today of the "distinct smell of decay" after a specialist police dog uncovered the make-shift riverbank grave of pensioner Attracta Harron four months after going missing walking home from Mass in December 2003."

(Same dogs. Same handler.)

From The Sun, May 10, 2011:

"A year had passed since Madeleine was snatched and the family went on holiday to Canada."

Followed later by:

" times it makes me sad that any-one else is capable of switching off when Madeleine is still missing." ('Madeleine' by Kate McCann - edited and abridged by Antonella Lazzeri and Oliver Harvey).

(It makes me sad that anyone should swallow this nonsense.)

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