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Do the police use psychics to help them?

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Brian's dreams

Post by Guest on 15.06.11 8:30

I've just taken a look at this site to see what people here have been talking about and my immediate gut reaction is QUACK and that does not refer to feathered creatures.

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Re: Do the police use psychics to help them?

Post by Angelique on 18.06.11 13:54

@ROSA wrote:Scenario
The Coloboma is investigated by authorites medical records photos etc and found to be fake That would be the game over signal that cant be ignored evidence against the mccanns their famliy and freinds
the met need to


This may sound odd - but is it possible that the McCanns have now decided that the coloboma was just 'a fleck of colour' because they got wind of a possibility the case would either be re-investigated. Which could lead to a re-opening of the case. It would mean that eventually medical records would have to come to light showing no coloboma. It is only now that everything has been dealt with and no chance of finding a body, no DNA , no forensics, any loose ends have finally been sorted or they have all be destroyed. So if the case re-opened it would come to the same conclusion - no evidence.

ETA they could always say it was just a useful tool to spread their campaign to find Madeleine.

Things aren't always what they seem

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