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Was Katey happy with Clarence Mitchell

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Was Katey happy with Clarence Mitchell

Post by PeterMac on 08.06.11 8:25

p. 151 "At lunchtime, Gerry arrived back in Praia de Luz with Clarence. My first impressions of Clarence were good. "
p. 170 "At the beginning of June, Gerry had a call from the director of communications at the Foreign Office. There was concern in the government, he said, that Clarence was 'becoming the story'.
" Whatever the case, it was suggested to Gerry that we should used Madeleine's Fund to employ someone to replace Clarence once our campaign visits were complete. Reluctantly Gerry agreed."

"First impressions" sound like a loaded expression.
Bear in mind the bizarre things Mitchell has said on their behalf; about death but not by their hand; about working hypotheses; about assumptions; leading the press conferences about yachts in Barcelona; none of them helpful to their story, add the clear antipathy from Mr Amaral, and I wonder if Katey has been having second thoughts about his overall contribution and his propensity to pop up out of the woodwork ready to speak.



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