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What caused you to disbelieve the official 9/11 and 7/7 stories?

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What caused you to disbelieve the official 9/11 and 7/7 stories?

Post by Guest on 01.06.11 10:17

There's a Madeleine topic about what first aroused suspicions and I wonder if anyone would like to join in a similar discussion about the attacks on America in 2001 and on London in 2005. These events played a part in making me think that the Madeleine story was also a giant hoax; I started to investigate one or two inconsistencies only to find that I'd opened the floodgates and loads more came pouring out. Re 9/11, we have the obvious (even to an untrained eye) fact that the twin towers and the third building on the site were brought down by controlled explosives. There are various early news reports available from that day with witnesses (including police and firemen) describing explosions in the buildings but they were never mentioned again when it became clear that the official verdict subscribed only to the suicide bombers theory. As for the two other crash sites at the Pentagon and in a field, has anyone ever known a plane crash (no matter how devastating) to cause total incineration of the planes, passengers and their luggage? Then there were the heart-rending stories of mobile phone calls being made from the planes; it was quickly established that they simply wouldn't work at such a high altitude. Re 7/7, the issue that got me was how the "bombers" caught a train from Luton which was cancelled (confirmed by the rail company) and they couldn't have got to London in time to have been on the underground trains that were bombed. In both USA and UK atrocities the respective governments announced far too quickly who was responsible; they couldn't possibly have known without a lot more investigation. If anyone wants to share their feelings on these incidents, that will be good.

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Re: What caused you to disbelieve the official 9/11 and 7/7 stories?

Post by Baronstu on 01.06.11 11:04

The events running up to 9/11 have always made me think.
In 2000 George "Dubya" Bush was elected on the back of a wave of nationalism and Public support for his policies.
He mainly campaigned for the return of America's power and place in the World after years of liberalism brought about by the Clinton Administration. He promised to rebuild America's Military might that had been slowly reduced over the years.
During his administrations "Honeymoon" period, all was well, and he carried out his promise. Eventually the "doves" questioned the huge expenditure on the Military, arguing that the money would be better spent elsewhere, the American Taxpayer started to grumble. George NEEDED a War.
He probed and bullied the normal "Suspects" (N. Korea, Iraq, Iran) to no avail. He even went as far as to agitate China, (The famous Spy Plane Incident) they were having none of it.
Then, as if his prayers had been answered, 9/11. This was his excuse, time to use HIS Military. A Global war on terror, nobody could argue against that.
It just all seemed way too convenient, to me anyway.


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