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George Laird

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George Laird

Post by Guest on 28.05.11 21:18

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Met Police will carry out a review of Madeleine McCann Case but why prior to this were the Portuguese authorities not onboard?

Dear All

Through the Holyrood election and in the English local Council elections the Tories ran with a slogan which simply said ‘commonsense’.

Everything was commonsense this and commonsense that.

When David Cameron said that Met Police were going to review the Madeleine McCann and throw £3.5 million at it, I thought that was strange.

It is strange because for all the talk of a review, no one is using the pertinent word in this case; re-open.

And unless it is re-opened, with the co-operation of the Portuguese Judiciary Police (PJ), it is meaningless.

When Cameron popped up and made the announcement, I would have thought that prior to this, that there was already some kind of agreement in place between the British and Portuguese authorities.

And it turns out there isn’t!

This has lead to the Portuguese stating:

“the English need authorization from the Portuguese authorities to investigate in our country, because they do not have competence to act in Portugal”.

So, out of jurisdiction and no co-operation lined up, this isn’t a serious investigation because right from the start it is flawed.

Some high-ranking officers of the British police have equally criticised this decision, arguing that the money that is to be spent is more necessary for other cases.

Lord Harris, a member of the Metropolitan Police states:

"It again embroils their officers in a high-profile investigation, where the chances of success are unclear, and which will divert limited investigative resources away from other matters."

To pull 30 frontline detectives offline and spend million pounds when the necessary prior work to ensure a proper investigation can be done is a complete farce.

This all came about after Kate and Gerry McCann, sent a letter to David Cameron, in which they asked for a review of the case.

'Dear Prime Minister,

As a devoted father and family man, you know the importance of children. Our beloved eldest child, Madeleine, was abducted from Praia da Luz, Portugal, four years ago. Since then, we have devoted all our energies to ensuring her safe return.

Today we are asking you - and the British and Portuguese governments - to help find Madeleine and bring her back to her loving family.

We live in hope that Madeleine will be found alive and returned to us. One call might be all that is needed to lead to Madeleine and her abductor.

To this end, we are seeking a joint INDEPENDENT, TRANSPARENT and COMPREHENSIVE review of ALL information held in relation to Madeleine's disappearance. Thus far, there has been NO formal review of the material held by the police authorities - which is routine practice in most major unsolved crimes.

It is not right that a young vulnerable British citizen has essentially been given up on. This remains an unsolved case of a missing child. Children are our most precious gift.

Please don't give up on Madeleine.

Kate & Gerry McCann'

And with that Cameron was sucked into the McCann Circus along with 30 detectives and £3.5 million pounds.

Such a move makes Cameron a hostage to fortune when the next high profile case comes along and he turns it down.

Contrary to the general feelings within the PJ, Pedro do Carmo, joint national director at the Judiciary Police, cited by “I” newspaper, states that the PJ is available to cooperate in this case, and committed to finding out the “credible, consistent and relevant factors that may contribute to clarify what happened to Madeleine McCann”.

In that case, issues surround her parents as arguidos will come up again.

According to members of the PJ, the review of the Madeleine McCann case questions the professionalism of their officers, who did everything that was possible to solve the child’s disappearance.

Sources recall that, despite them having good criminal investigation labs, a political decision was made to have the tests carried out in English labs.

The source said:

“We let the English do everything that they want.”

Because of various political influences which was due to the missing child’s parents’ social and political status.

That means Gordon Brown and the Labour Government who looking for a feel good factor to boost Brown’s popularity became a problem in the investigation.

The Judiciary Police had already been warned that the Scotland Yard had the intention to analyse the case again.

This does not mean, however, that the criminal process, which is under the Public Ministry’s tutelage, will be reopened.

This process may be picked up again if new evidence that contribute to the investigation’s development are discovered.

Another problem is that some of the officers that are involved in the investigation into the disappearance of Maddie McCann, four years ago in Praia da Luz, are close to retirement or about to present a voluntary leave.

And this will cause the Met Police no end of trouble because the documents are nearly all in Portuguese and it would be better that these people were available.

It is no surprise that the McCann’s four years down the line and with a book to promote have written publicly to David Cameron.They are quite good at manipulating the media; however at anything during the time when the case was archived they could have asked the Portuguese authorities to re-open it.

They didn’t and still haven’t because they can’t control or direct a re-opened investigation.

And still there is no justice for Madeleine McCann, just considerable number of questions which remain unanswered.
Kate McCann is alleged to have said “the kidnapper” who seized Madeleine may also have drugged her other two children.

If she thought they were drugged, why didn’t she taken them to hospital on the night Madeleine d to get checked?

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for human Rights at Glasgow University

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