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Kate want to know who is behind the computer screens...

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Kate want to know who is behind the computer screens...

Post by HiDeHo on 27.05.11 19:10

I am creating a new video in response to Kate's claiming we are 'nasty' and 'nutters'.

Some members of different forums have chosen to give a brief description of who they are with a comment why they are participating in the forums.

I felt this was an opportunity to show that we are not the nutters Kate likes to describe and that we are intelligent caring people that come from all walks of life. Kate and Gerry have lots on 'interview' time on Youtube so I wanted to give forum members and bloggers the opportunity also.

Once recognised as having the agenda to seek the truth about Madeleine as opposed to persecuting Kate and Gerry our opinions may become more credible.

At least it is worth the effort imo.

I will use forum ID's and open a thread in Madeleine Aimoo forum for the full post (as there is limited space in a video)

Just basic info only and of course, respectful.

Add to this thread or send me a pm if you prefer to remain anonymous on the video.

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Re: Kate want to know who is behind the computer screens...

Post by Big Vern on 27.05.11 22:24

Can you be a little more specific?

Oh what a tangled web we weave, when first we practise to deceive
Big Vern

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Re: Kate want to know who is behind the computer screens...

Post by ROSA on 28.05.11 0:09

Looks like the search for maddie is over and the search for the PERSON OR PERSONS who know the truth is on
the trouble is life is very long and trying to recall every aquaintance or friend of freinds to silence them would be impossible just like the search for maddie

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Watching you watching me

Post by Guest on 28.05.11 8:34

Heaven forbid but has Kate got any guilty secrets that she doesn't want to come out? I don't think I'd worry about the ramblings of people on the Internet if I'd done nothing wrong.


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Re: Kate want to know who is behind the computer screens...

Post by Mini Slueth on 28.05.11 9:10

Who are we Kate??

Why dont you know?/
We are some of the people who you and Gerry asked to help find Madeleine of course!

I am of a similar age to theMcCanns. I gave up work so that i could be at home for my children. I have a disabled child. I home teach my children even though they go to schoool.( My disabled child needs a lot attention, teaching, love, understanding etc and so on. I help other parents who have a child/children with the same disablity that my child has. There are times when i am so worn out/burnt out etc. BUT i would NEVER leave my children alone so that i could go out to dinner. I get on with it....surely that is part of the deal when you become a parent, you are ALWAYS there for your children. You put their needs BEFORE your own. Most people do this without a second thought.

I am a parent who cannot believe that you left those children alone night after night. They werent teenagers, they were little children who needed to feel safe and secure with their parents, not abandoned every night so you could enjoy your holiday too.

I am not insane nor do i have a criminal record. If one of my children went missing, i wouldnt care what others thought about me. I would realise that every possibility had to be investigated.

I dont mind you knowing who i am, i have nothing to hide.
Mini Slueth

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Re: Kate want to know who is behind the computer screens...

Post by Caroline on 28.05.11 9:32

The McCanns' only want to know about those who give them money and don't ask questions. If you question them then they set their attack dogs on you, whichever forum or site you post on, including Carter Ruck who are paid out of the money they collect to 'search' for Maddy.

There is someone on the AOL messageboards who is collecting names and posts to send to the McCanns

This was posted by pro McCann attack dog Henrydog123:

As far as I know Carter Ruck monitor a lot of places on the net, you already know that they monitor your mate Tony Bennet as they've been in touch with him and your other mate Joana whatsherface, I pointed them in the direction of these boards and make no apology for that as some of the stuff you and you pals come out with on here needs seeing to be believed, now, if they decide to hold anyone accountable that is their decision, I hope they do at some point and I hope your top of the list but I would imagine a lot of what is said here will help back up their case against Amaral when the time comes so its win win as far as I can see.

This is a high profile case and I would imagine they have bigger fish to fry than people like you at the mo but that doesnt mean they wont get around to doing something at some point if only to make an example of someone, they will of course need a court order to get the service providers to cough up the names & address's but I dont think that would prove too difficult for them, its a bit different from a private individual taking someone on but a piece of cake for firms like Carter Ruck.

Suppose we will just have to wait and see what happens


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Re: Kate want to know who is behind the computer screens...

Post by pennylane on 28.05.11 10:00

Oooo that stuff from 'Henrydog123' is dead scary isn't it Caroline?


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Re: Kate want to know who is behind the computer screens...

Post by Mini Slueth on 28.05.11 10:10

And what are they going to do??

Sue everyone for having an opinion?
Sue everyone for NOT believing them?
Sue everyone for coming to their own conclusions?

The McCanns asked the world to help find Madeleine. They didnt say, you can only help find Madeleine by reporting sightings of a supposed abductor. Report anything suspicious that you may heve seen etc and so on.................

They cannot sue EVERYONE in the world that doesnt believe them and they would be fools to even try.

I wont allow myself to be intimidated or bulllied by them or anyone for having my OWN opinion. I wont be told by them how i SHOULD think.

IF they are innocent, then, yes, it is hurtful to read some of the things on th einternet, BUT what do they expect? Do they really expect us all to be robots and believe them?

Surely they do expect people to point the finger at them, especially as they left those 3 children all alone in a strange apartment in a strange country.

IF Madelieine was abducted, then it could certainly have been prevented.

Surely with their statements, accounts of what happened forever changing, they KNOW that people are going to be suspicious.

They cant MAKE evryone like them, believe them, surely they arent so stupid as to believe they can. Surely they dont think they can keep everyone who doesnt believe them stay silent.

This is about their daughter, they should be thankful that so many people want to see the truth come out, want justice for their daughter etc and so on.

They cant come out with lines that NO ONE is looking for their daughter.....I mean, they arent even looking for her! At least some people are spending time trying to make sense of what DID happen to Madeleine, if i were them, i would be grateful for that.

They cant say...........We want people to be aware that Madeleine is still missing (as if we would forget that) then say we only want people to talk about us that believe us.

What world are they living on/ in?

They have been manipulating, controlling some people for so long, they think they can do it to everyone.

We are not all fools!!
Mini Slueth

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