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Wikipedia link to 'blackmail' scam

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Wikipedia link to 'blackmail' scam

Post by Stephanie on 31.12.09 21:06

Published: 03 Dec 2009

A WOMAN has been given permission to try and identify an editor on Wikipedia who posted "sensitive" details about her child.
In the first case of its kind a court has ordered the popular online encyclopaedia's parent company to reveal the IP address of one of its contributors.

A judge acted after hearing the mother — who cannot be named for legal reasons — had recently received anonymous letters threatening to release details of her business life and expenses to the press.

The judge said: "In ordinary language, the mother believes that she is the subject of an attempt at blackmail. On the information before the court, she has reason to believe that."

At the same time as the alleged blackmail bid a mysterious "amendment" was made on the mother's Wikipedia page that referred to her young child and disclosed confidential information about them.

The mother now believes the contributor and the alleged blackmailer may be one and the same.

Mr Justice Tugendhat said it was uncertain whether there was any link between the anonymous letter writer and the Wikipedia user.

The judge told how journalists had revealed "an individual" had approached them trying to sell a story about the mother and child.

He added that the mother wanted disclosure of the user's IP address, "in order that she may identify the alleged wrongdoer who has disclosed this private material" and to prevent any further breaches of the privacy of herself and her child.

Wikipedia said they had nothing to do with the writing or publication of the amendment, and underlined its protections under US law and the lack of jurisdiction of the English courts to control its activities.

But the company said it would disclose the IP address — but only if ordered to do so.

Now, Mr Justice Tugendhat has done just that, boosting her bid to track down the amendment writer, if he or she has not already gone to ground and covered the cyber-tracks leading to his or her identification.

Read more:

And about time too! anyone who uses the internet to abuse,threaten , bully or torment others will hopefully now think twice that they cannot hide behind an anonymous ID, and god willing let the full force of the law come down on their heads.

People who abuse and threaten other's or their families by any means are the lowest of the low.
That also goes for idiots who do the same in forums who create multiple ID's and talk to themselves, or bring in their friends to bolster their over inflated egos to abuse other persons .
A lower form of Amoeba never existed IMO.

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