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Richard Ingrams: Emptied streets give the lie to Anglo-Irish bonds

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Richard Ingrams: Emptied streets give the lie to Anglo-Irish bonds

Post by ROSA on Sat 21 May 2011 - 0:38


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Re: Richard Ingrams: Emptied streets give the lie to Anglo-Irish bonds

Post by ufercoffy on Sat 21 May 2011 - 6:40

Just posting the relevant bit from the article.

Madeleine McCann, yes. David Kelly, no

For some months a campaign led by Dr Michael Powers QC and a group of fellow-doctors had been gaining ground for a proper inquest to be held into the death of the weapons inspector Dr David Kelly.

There were always plenty of arguments in favour, not least the fact that Lord Hutton, who replaced the Oxfordshire coroner on government orders, made such a cursory attempt to deal with the many suspicious elements in Dr Kelly's supposed suicide, which remain unexplained to this day – the lack of blood on the ground, the evidence that the body had been moved after death, the lack of any fingerprints on the knife, not to mention the lack of any suicide note or, for that matter, any evidence that Dr Kelly was in a suicidal state. Hutton made little or no attempt to address any of these awkward points

Then, presumably in order to silence the many doubters, the Justice Secretary Kenneth Clarke, last year released the post-mortem report made at the time of Kelly's death by pathologist Dr Norman Hunt who described it as "a textbook suicide". It was hardly surprising that Dr Powers and his colleagues failed to be satisfied with this bizarre conclusion.

Then this week Dr Kelly surfaced again at Prime Minister's Questions when veteran Tory MP Sir Peter Tapsell asked David Cameron for a full investigation "into the suicide or murder of Dr David Kelly". Cameron replied: "I don't think it's necessary to take that case forward." So that appears to be that. As a former PR man, Cameron prefers to reopen the Madeleine McCann file, for obvious reasons.

Whose cadaver scent and bodily fluid was found in the McCann's apartment and hire car if not Madeleine's?  Shocked

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Re: Richard Ingrams: Emptied streets give the lie to Anglo-Irish bonds

Post by maebee on Sat 21 May 2011 - 10:00

Idiot. Stupid article that doesn't warrant a comment.
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