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Cadaver scent Mm11

Cadaver scent Regist10

Cadaver scent

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Cadaver scent Empty Cadaver scent

Post by DocMartin on 13.05.11 9:06

Cadaver scent Cuddle10

I thought cadaver scent is supposed to be pretty horrific? I wonder why Kate can get so close to it if it was on Cuddlecat?

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Cadaver scent Empty Re: Cadaver scent

Post by lj on 15.05.11 16:29

Maybe this photo was taken after the thorough cleaning.

But without joking, decomposed bodies and fluids indeed smell horrific. On the other side it takes a while before it gets to that point. You can very well be around a cadaver let's say the first 24 h, even without cooling.

Dogs like Eddie can start smelling decomposition very soon after death, even on objects that have the smell from transference. The latter likely the case in the case of 4 yr old (?) cuddlecat, the children's T shirt, Kate's horrific trousers, the Bible etc.

"And if Madeleine had hurt herself inside the apartment, why would that be our fault?"  Gerry

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