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Kate McCann interviewed on Woman's Hour

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Re: Kate McCann interviewed on Woman's Hour

Post by Tony Bennett on 12.05.11 10:27

Jenni Murray interviewed Dr Kate McCann for about 16 minutes (10.02am to 10.18am) and there wasn't one challenging question.

The Dr used a fragile voice and stuck rigidly to the script.

The Dr was allowed to explain why the McCanns wanted a review - without Jenni Murray so much as asking 'Why didn't you attend the reconstruction?' or 'Why didn't you answer the 48 questions?'.

The McCanns' critics were written off once again by the Dr as 'a tiny minority who just want to cause hurt and grief to a family in distress'.
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Kate McCann interviewed on Woman's Hour

Post by Guest on 12.05.11 10:34

ooops Sorry Tony, in my haste to inform people it was on I put it on the wrong thread blushing1 Will move posts thumbsup

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Kate McCann interviewed on Woman's Hour

Post by Guest on 12.05.11 10:58

Same old, same old, asking for review, attacking Goncalo Amaral, and the forums etc.

Brief precis, as I heard it,

Many stories in press not accurate and not fact.
Book is to give account of truth, published to help the search for Madeleine

Was advised to keep journal,
Kept all details, dates and times and was a huge recource when writing book

I don't believe what Madeleine was wearing had anything to do with things (I think that's what she said, if so different to the newspaper article, although I may have misheard)

Crying episode, someone might have tried night before and woke children up and fled
Twins lying in cot not moving.
Put hand on twins chest to check breathing
Thought it was strange
Had Madeleine been given some sedatives

Dogs used incorrectly
dogs are intelligent, but no evidence to back them up

Everything we had to go through overwhelming

Headlines based on leaks
Void of information - told very little

Goncalo in position of authority who should have been helping Madeleine
For him to continue to spread theries that Madeleine is dead is difficult to understand
No evidence to support theories

Some people just nasty - pity these people

We are doing everything in our power to help Madeleine
Nobody else looking for her

Come a long way in last 4 years, this got easier
S & A need happy life
Friends have come to our aid

Twins know a lot about what happened to Madeleine
They understand Madeleine was taken by a "naughty man"

Review common procedure
Lot of info came in from UK and Portugal
Not brought together
Could help reveal important infor and guide investigation in right direction

Children can disappear and be found after time
I truly believe she's out there.


This is how I heard it and must not be taken as fact. It is difficult to write and listen at the same time, so some things may not be totally correct

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