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Dr Kate on Piers Morgan CNN (USA) - 9pm, 11 May

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Dr Kate on Piers Morgan CNN (USA) - 9pm, 11 May

Post by Tony Bennett on 11.05.11 0:26

It seems that Piers Morgan has already interviewed the McCanns and CNN will transmit it at 9pm tomorrow (Wednesday) night, around 2pm our time.

Morgan promises it will be 'very moving'.

Along with Dr Kate McCann's promise that her book would be 'very truthful', this should be a night to remember!

Here are Morgan's two tweets tonight:

Piers Morgan

1. BREAKING: I've interviewed Gerry & Kate McCann re 4th anniversary of Madeleine's disappearance - world exclusive TV i/v airs Wed, CNN 9pm ET

Piers Morgan

2. The McCann i/v is one of the most moving I've ever done.

I'm given to understand you might be able to get it live at 2am 12 May (Thursday am) on SKY Channel 607 - Virgin Media
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