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madeleine mccann mother recounts fours years of bitter regret

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madeleine mccann mother recounts fours years of bitter regret

Post by ROSA on 09.05.11 0:23

Madeleine McCann mother recounts four years of bitter regret

Published Date: 09 May 2011
By Gareth Rose
KATE McCann has revealed details of the "unbearable" four years since the disappearance of her daughter Madeleine, the agony of the moment she was snatched, and her "bitter regret" for leaving her.
In a new book about her torment and fears for her missing daughter, she admitted that beneath the facade of self control - which attracted hatred and suspicion from some quarters - she was cracking under the emotional weight of her loss.

Extracts of the book, Madeleine, have been released as new reports revealed police have spoken to two convicted Scottish killer paedophiles who were in Spain, and possibly Portugal, on false passports in 2007.

Mrs McCann wrote: "The appalling loss of our daughter has been too much to bear. Everything else, however huge, has had to take second place. There is only so much pain human beings can stand at once."

She admitted it "goes without saying we now bitterly regret" leaving the children while they dined with friends at a nearby tapas restaurant.

It was Mrs McCann who went back to their apartment "30 or 45 seconds away" to check on them and discovered their young daughter was missing from her bed.

"When I realised Madeleine wasn't there I went through to our bedroom to see if she'd got into our bed. On the discovery of another empty bed, the first wave of panic hit me," she said.

"As I ran back into the children's room the closed curtains flew up in a gust of wind.

"My heart lurched as I saw that, behind them, the window was wide open and the shutters on the outside were raised all the way up. Nausea, terror, disbelief, fear. Icy fear. Dear God, no. Please, no."

She said she ran to get her husband, Gerry, and the hotel management was asked to call the police.

"Gerry and I stood in the living room of our apartment clutching each other, utterly distraught," she wrote.

"I couldn't help myself let alone soothe my husband, who was in a state too harrowing for me to bear, howling for his little girl. I kept blaming myself. 'We've let her down! We've failed her!'"

She added: "I vividly recall sobbing: 'Not Madeleine, not Madeleine, not Madeleine.' Even now when the dark clouds close in on me, I find myself shaking my head manically and repeating over and over again: 'Not Madeleine, not Madeleine. Please God, not my Madeleine'.

"After that night in Portugal when Madeleine disappeared four years ago - 3 May, 2007 - it was a long time before I was able to allow myself to take any real pleasure in anything. Madeleine was in my thoughts when I woke up in the morning and as I battled to fall asleep at night."

She said they will never give up on finding her, but admitted: "When she was first stolen, paedophiles were all we could think about and it ate away at us."

New reports suggest police are investigating Charles O'Neill, 48, and William Lauchlan, 34, who were jailed last year for sex attacks on children and murdering Allison McGarrigle, and dumping her body at sea in 1997, after she threatened to report them. Neither Policia Judiciara, in Lisbon, which is leading the investigation, or Leicestershire Police, which reportedly interviewed the pair, were able to comment on the report yesterday.

No-one has ever been charged in connection to Madeleine's disappearance, and none of the reported sights since has led police to her.

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Re: madeleine mccann mother recounts fours years of bitter regret

Post by garfy on 09.05.11 9:00

i didnt want to really comment till the serialisation was over.....

but imo ...all these meetings k mcc has had with missing and murdered ..loved ones ...were to research there emotions for this book

i say this ...because at one point i related to what k mcc said ..quote.....[["I couldn't help myself let alone soothe my husband]].........soothe

i remember vividly when we lost our son... for the first time i could not comfort no one as you are all inconsolable in your own devastated grief.......

then it hit me .....i have related to a few things she has described in her feelings.......but what i have heard from friends and family when they have lost loved ones......and have often thought people deal with the grief in different ways

but k mcc has them all ..............imo repeating what she has been told.......and peoples reactions at there loss....i am not just talkin about the above article but the others as well [too numerous to mention]

think of all the grieving families k mcc has met ..this year......[like when an actress researching for a part of a character she is going to play].....i think claudia lawrense was the last parent she met ....who couldnt thank her enough for her concern

the worst as well is ...........this is going to be another mcc one way street...............she is going to say what ever she likes ....and no one will be alloweed to the public eye......

so many imo.........will relate .to one of the emotions she has described ..[like me for a moment i felt for her] you only know them if you have felt them....or on the other hand been told of it.................

what is this about also...........were in the hell would she think they had found maddie's blood to plant.???????

quoteI was totally perplexed. If, as the PJ alleged, Madeleine's blood was in the boot of our car, which we had not rented until May 27, how on earth had it got there? Did this mean someone had planted it? I could see no other explanation.

Read more:

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