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Important Notice for Members

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Important Notice for Members

Post by Guest on 07.05.11 17:03

candyfloss wrote:I have just seen this on the McCannfiles. In view of this can members please refrain from posting any pictures or articles to do with the serialisation of the book Madaleine, published in the Sun.

© The Sun 2011. Our lawyers are watching,
07 May 2011

By Nigel Moore
07 May 2011 15:10pm

As anyone who has today purchased The Sun newspaper will know, the title of this short piece appears at various points in the papers exclusive serialisation of Kate McCann's book Madeleine.

It is now clear that this warning was no idle threat, as this morning I received a 'TAKE DOWN NOTICE' from the Corporate Legal Enforcement Team, who act for News Group Newspapers Limited and Times Newspapers Limited - publishers of The Sun and Sunday Times respectively (collectively 'News International').

The notice related to content which had been published on this site (including text and pictures) from the unpublished book written by Kate McCann - and which had been reproduced here from content originally published on The Sun website.

It pointed out that News International controls copyright in relation to the unpublished book and that Further News Group Newspapers Limited owns or controls copyright in the accompanying article published in The Sun newspaper, and online, on 07 May 2011.

Given that neither I, nor this site, hold any copyright over the material referenced in the notice, I have complied with this legal demand and now removed the articles. And whilst I could puff my chest out and make rebellious noises, the fact is it would signify nothing.

Better to concentrate time and effort on the search for the truth about what really happened to Madeleine and accept the absence of any extracts from Kate's book. Whilst that is certainly unfortunate, it is, on the basis of extracts so far published, unlikely to impact on the continuing search for the truth.

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Re: Important Notice for Members

Post by PeterMac on 07.05.11 17:58

I feel sure there are differences between simply reproducing an article, reproducing it with thanks and proper acknowledgments, and reproducing parts for the purpose of commentary. The whole thing is being put in the public domain, in a format - newspaper - which invites comment. They can't publish a paper and then not let people talk about what they have written, particularly if they have written palpable nonsense.



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